My Hero Academia Manga has 50 Million Copies in Circulation: New Milestone Reached!

My Hero Academia is one of the most beloved series around the world. Whether as a manga or an anime, the series has garnered large amounts of attention and support. With the release of Volume 30 of the manga, My Hero Academia hit 50 million printed and sold copies around the world. Out of this, 37 million is limited to Japan itself.

The series has now overtaken classics such as Tokyo Ghoul and has reached on par with Haikyuu and City Hunter. The official twitter of the series took its time to thank the fans for their dedication towards the manga. We congratulate the creators on reaching such a milestone!


The Manga has now opened an official website to celebrate the 30th volume of the Manga. This website can be accessed here.

Other details for My Hero Academia

As mentioned above, the 30th volume of the manga is set to release and currently, the fifth season of the anime is running online. It started airing on the 27th of March and 3 episodes have been aired. The anime can be accessed on Netflix!

Some other exciting news is the release of My Hero Academia’s 3rd movie. It is called My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission. It is premiering on the 6th of August, 2021 and has already received a trailer. You can watch the trailer of the movie here:

There is no doubt that My Hero Academia has reached new heights and has conquered a large part of the anime world. As it continues to develop, we hope to see the renewal of its anime as well. Though there is enough source material to carry out more episodes of the anime, it seems that the manga has reached its concluding arc. With the release of Chapter 306, the chapter labelled “The Final Arc Begins,” we can slowly see the manga come to an end. However, fans do not need to panic just yet, the concluding arc itself can contain a number of final arcs within itself. We will just have to wait and see!

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

What is your opinion on this new milestone? And do you believe that My Hero Academia deserves all the hype it receives?

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