My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 15 English Dub Gets Delayed

My Hero Academia is currently making a hell of a buzz. With 16 of its episodes now released, the anime is all set to enter the next arc. As readers might already know, most of season 5 was supposed to show the joint training and duel between the students of class A and B. Class B has so far been overlooked in the series as Class A has always been the one to run into bad luck and face villains and supervillains. Due to this reason, Class A, as we all know, is a lot more seasoned in making it pro than class B who has so far worked only under controlled situations.

However, just because Class B lacks a bit of experience compared to Class A doesn’t mean they’re any less strong now, does it? Now we don’t want to spoil the series too much for our readers, but yes, things are so far sunny and shiny in Deku’s world. However, things are about to go from 0-100 way too fast because the oncoming arc will bring out fierce battles and even fiercer enemies. Not to mention with Deku’s dreams of All for One already troubling him, you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the little fun that our beloved Class A is having with their comrades is about to end. With All-Might leaving the reigns and Endeavour to take his pedestal, this is by far the best time for the villain association to make their attack. And one of the crucial and relatively new members of the league is the blue fire user Dabi.

Image: Funimation

However, our fans desperately waiting for episode 103’s Dub just might have to wait a while. Funimation, the official licensor of the series, has released a statement that getting episode 103 in dub might take some while. Although they didn’t release any official reason as to why this delay will take place, we, however, have figured it out.

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As mentioned before, Dabi will play a crucial role in the upcoming arc, and the character is voiced by Jason Liebrecht. Now according to his social media accounts, Jason had tested positive for Covid-19, which would make it extremely difficult for him to enact the character even in the studio, much less in work from home conditions. That is why Funimation has delayed the dub episode by a week to give the actor some break.

However, this also tells us that Jason is currently healing quite well and will be back in the studio giving our much-desired content. Make sure to watch My Hero Academia Episode 103 or Season 5 episode 15 coming out on 24th of July 2021 only on Crunchyroll and Funimation.