My Hero Academia [CONFIRMED]: Major Cast Comeback and Spoiler Alerts!

If you are an anime lover, then you might be aware of how anticipatedly we all are waiting for My Hero Academia Season 5. My Hero Academia is one such anime that instantly gained massive popularity among the viewers. Since the beginning of its streaming back in 2016, till now, the show has been pulling it off. The recent episodes of specifically season 4 are soo good that we all can’t wait anymore for season 5.

Season 4 of My Hero Academia finished just a couple of months back. The last episode of Season 4 aired on April 4th, 2020. But there is a piece of good news, the show creators are already planning for the renewal with a brand new season. A post on the anime’s Twitter account confirms the same, along with featuring the visuals from the upcoming season.

We know that the creators have given a green signal to Season 5. But when it releases is still unknown. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, there aren’t any confirmations. We can hope that everything settles back soon.

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Expected Plot: My Hero Academia Season 5?

My Hero Academia season 5’s story will portray Endeavor’s journey. How he is standing with his new Number One Superhero position. Along with how he is going to deal with his broken relationship with the family. Apart from this, there can be more improvements in the stories of all the main characters in U.A. High. Class 1-A will contend with Class 1-B. Izuku Midoriya, in particular, will have some significant changes as the story progresses in Season 5.

Cast: Who all will return in Season 5? 

According to the insiders, My Hero Academia Season 5 will have the comeback of almost all the main characters from Season 4.

My Hero Academia Main Characters

The main characters include:

  • Akatsuki Bakugo
  • Michael Tatum
  • Izuku Midoriya
  • Clifford Chapin
  • Kenya Lida
  • Chaco Muranaka
  • Justin briner
  • Luci Christian

Characters whose quirks will arise in My Hero Academia Season 5:

Quirks is term given to special abilities in My Hero Academia. These gifted supernatural abilities that enable one to control others, resulting in them in more power.


Characters whose quirks will arise in: 

  • Izuku Midoriya’s quirks will rise: Izuku is the main protagonist of My Hero Academia. His Quirk allows him to stock power and boosts all his physical attributes to an incredibly high level.
  • Dabi’s quirks will rise: Dabi is one of the members of the League of Villains, who is known for his position as Paranormal Liberation Front.
  • Shoto Todoroki’s quirks will rise Shoto aims to become a great pro hero. He is one of the brightest aspirants in the U.A.
  • Katsuki Bakugo’s quirks will rise: He is one of the most powerful hero aspirants in the U.A. He has this neverending rivalry with Izuku.  Katsuki can explode, releasing nitroglycerin from his sweat glands as a part of his quirks.
  • Mirio Togata’s quirks will rise: Although Mirio is just a student, but has many abilities and is one of the strongest characters.

Character’s whose quirks will not rise:


  • Shota Aizawa’s quirks will not rise: Aizawa is a teacher at U.A. High School, and a Pro Hero as well. His Quirk is Eraser, an ability to erase the Quirks of any other person just with eye contact with them.
  • Spinner’s quirks will not rise: Spinner is a member of the Villain’s Leauge and is probably the weakest of them all. His quirk name is Gecko, which gives him the ability to transform into the appearance of a lizard.
  • Itsuka Kendo’s quirks will not rise: She is one of their smartest students and the representative of class 1-B. With her Quirk, she can enlarge her own hands according to her will.
  • Tsuyu Asui’s quirks will not rise: Tsuyu is a student of class 1-A. She is playing the role of support character most of the time.
  • Monoma’s quirks will not rise: Monomo is a class 1-B’s student. He has the most potent Quirks seen in the series.

All the previous four seasons and as well the upcoming season is available on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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