My Hero Academia Chapter 275 – Release Date, Raw Scans & Spoilers

If Hollywood has Avengers with different superpowers, then we can say that My Hero Academia is the avengers of anime. My Hero Academia is a popular and all-time favorite manga series that we all love. It is a weekly Japnese Shonen Manga Series. The manga My Hero Academia showcases a world with different quirks that give special powers to every individual. The manga began serializing since July 2014. It has been six successful years, and the manga is still gaining more and more popularity every day. Recently last week, the 274th chapter of the manga series was released. And its time for the release of the next chapter.

In this post, we will be sharing with the latest updates of the upcoming chapter, i.e., Chapter 275 of the manga series My Hero Academia.

When will Chapter 275 of My Hero Academia Release?

Chapter 275 of the manga My Hero Academia will release on 14th June, Sunday. The manga follows a weekly schedule for the release of a new chapter every Sunday. Although lately, the release schedule of the manga series was disturbed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But its good to know that now everything falling back into its place.

Where can we read the manga My Hero Academia?

The latest chapter of the manga series My Hero Academia is available online immediately after their official release. The official online platforms for the release of the manga are as soon VIZ Media and Manga plus by Shueisha.

Apart from these, there are some other third party websites and apps that unofficially release the leaked manga. I strictly advise you not to support these kinds of third party platforms.

Before the official release of the new chapter, the Raw Scan of the manga My Hero Academia goes viral all over the internet.

Spoilers of Chapter 275:

Before we look into the spoiler and speculations of chapter 275, let’s take a quick recap to the previous chapter and how it ended.

Concerning the plot of My Hero Academia, it is about Izuku Midoriya. A boy who is born without any quirks in a world where everybody is gifted with some or the quirks.

Recap to Chapter 274:

Chapter 274 of the manga My Hero Academia was all about the much-awaited battle between Endeavor and Shigaraki. But to our surprise, we only realize it later that Endeavor wasn’t Shigaraki’s actual target of attack. Instead, Shigaraki’s original plan was to attack the civilians during their evacuation from the perimeters of the battlefield. The upcoming chapter will be full action as the previous chapter left us all in a cliffhanger.

Some of the big spoilers that we can expect in Chapter 275 of My Hero Academia are:

  • What will happen to Shigaraki?
  • Will Gigantomachia awaken?
  • Will Bakugo reveal any quirks?

To find the answers to these questions, we have to wait until the release.


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