Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice is a popular show beyond a doubt. And now, with 7 Episodes being a package of fun, fans can’t wait to know about Episode 8. So, here we are with all the details you need to know about the Episode 8 of the show.

MC Gets the good news that HBS is awaiting a large type of game shows in various countries around the globe. HBS’s first spot is at Loveland City as they want to be MC’s business partners. MC is quite happy on the news that she will the partner of the highest variety of shows in the US. MC discovers that the celebrity guest of the show will be CEO of LGF. After that also, they visit for the recording and negotiations on how their partnership.

But later Lucien discovers that its a trap when he about to be locked up and the show cant occur. MC attacks the powerful villains while she tried to save Lucien. Lucien is furious seeing MC hurt. MC sleeps for a week and Lucien waits for her to wake up and takes care of her. She gets up angry that she spent a week without working.

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This post is about Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice Episode 8 release date, preview, and recap. There are only three episodes left in this season of Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice. This Anime has another name as Koi to Producer: EVOL×LOVE. Hence, Given below are the details of the new anime and that more information and updates regarding the same.

  • Simon is an intelligent scientist
  • Kira is a superstar who takes his fans seriously. Kira gives a lot of importance to fans.
  • Haku is a police officer who deals with a large variety of crimes.
  • Zen is the CEO of the Huarai Group who is the financer of the girl’s company. Meeting these Evolvers finally puts the girl in the huge conspiracy which is based on the truth of her father’s death and her lost memories.

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The world of Mr. Love is completely about mysterious superpowers. Here there are various experiences of different types of romance. As the story proceeds, there will be many mysterious secrets coming out. Lucien is a popular neuroscientist and he has a high IQ since his childhood. His intelligence separates him from his friends. Also, His unique attitude makes him easily spottable in the crowd. But his superpower is not yet confirming officially.

Gavin is a police officer in police station in Loveland. But, his true identity is actually an Evol agent who is a member of dangerous missions.
He was a great troublemaker in high school, but currently, he is an excellent agent who has full focus on superpower cases.

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