Mr Love Queen’s Choice Episode 10 Release Date And More

Originally Mr Love Queen’s Choice is the video game. The game released back in 2015. After seeing the success of the game around the world, the adaption was announced. The anime adaption of the game came out last year. On July 8, 2019, the anime series premiered. The scriptwriter of the anime is Kiyoko Yoshimura. Moreover, the direction done by Munehisa Sakai. The anime will end soon as the time pass by fans are getting eager to know about the remaining episodes. Note that only two episodes are left to air in the anime series. Let us know the release date of Mr Love Queen’s Choice Episode 10. Also, know what the anime about and the characters is.

Release date of Mr Love Queen’s Choice Episode 10

The previous episode of the anime aired on September 10, 2020. On Thursday every week the new episodes of the anime releases. Moreover, the airing time as per Japan Standard Time is midnight.

The upcoming Mr Love Queen’s Choice Episode 10 will release on September 17, 2020. No delay has been announced till the date. So, this week you will be able to watch the next episode. The episodes are of 25 minutes. Make sure that you have watched the previous episode before the next arrives. Know more ahead in this article.

Mr Love Queen’s Choice Episode 10
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Recap of episode 9

We saw that MC met Black Swan agent. He met Josie. However, Josie tells him that she will kill MC. Not just MC but also Gavin! However, while Josie fights MC, Gavin reaches there. Later, MC understand why Josie wants to kill Gavin. Gavin is the queen. Black Swan do everything possible to gain the powers of Gavin.

Meanwhile, Kiro retires. Kiro tell everyone that due to the disturbance by his fans, he has to retire. MC can not take Evolver out. Therefore, he is a bit worried. But, Lucien wins against every villain. This is a boon for everyone. Moreover, after defeating the villains, Lucien and MC went to save Evolvers.

Where to watch?

The episodes of the Mr Love Queen’s Choice anime are broadcasted on:

  • Tokyo MX
  • Sun TV
  • BS Nippon Television
  • AT-X

Moreover, the episodes can be streamed online on Crunchyroll.

Have a look at the preview of the episode by fan:

I hope you enjoyed the article. Don’t forget to stream the episodes. See you until next time.

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