Monster Girl Doctor Episode 4: What Are The Updates?

Monster Girl Doctor is a light novel by Yoshino Origuchi. The novel summarized by Z-Ton. Arvo Animation anime TV series adaption of the novel. Then after the anime series premiered on July 12, 2020. The article contains a synopsis of the episode 4, release date, a recap of episode 3, and more about  Monster Musume.

Previously On Episode 3

During the fight with bandits, Skadi was with her bodyguard. They were together, and Kunai Zenow was injured. Kunai is Skadi’s bodyguard. They lost Kunai’s right arm and are unable to find it. Skadi took Glenn’s help, and She told Glenn whether he would help in finding the arm and then reattach it with his suturing skills. Skadi explained how Kunai was able to chase the bandits. Glenn was interested in knowing why Skadi came by his clinic.

Moreover, why only to him because she was close to Dr Cthulhy. Skadi explains to him that they went there first. But, they were sent to Dr Glenn. Finally, Glenn asked about what kind of monster is Kunai. Skadi explains Glenn about Kunai. She isn’t a monster; rather, she is a human flesh made of human golem out of corpses.

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Kunai went to find her arm. She encountered someone in her way who was dressed like a bandit. She decided to follow her. While Kunai encountered the bandit, Glenn was looking for her arm. Meanwhile, Glenn heard a scream. He went in that direction and found out Kunai’s leg lying down!

Release Date of Monster Girl Doctor Episode 4

Monster Girl Doctor releases every Sunday. The latest episode 3 came out on July 26, 2020. However, the upcoming Episode 4 will release on August 2, 2020. The episodes are aired at 23:00 (JST) every Sunday.

Moreover, you may watch the episodes on Funimation, Anime-Planet, Crunchyroll, and IMDb.

Synopsis of Monster Girl Doctor

Monster Girl Doctor world’s set for gut-wrenching war between humans and monsters. It was a long time ago. As the time flows, the parties forget why they were fighting. After that, both parties made truce and stayed in peace. Dr Glenn is a human doctor who specialized in monster medicine. Dr Glenn and his assistant Sapphee works in a clinic curing monsters.

After this, a fighter name Tisilia came by his clinic. She got blown away by Dr Glenn’s charm. Then Tisilia started flirting with the doctor. In conclusion, his assistant gets jealous.


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