Millionaire Detective: Daisuke & Haru Get Past Their Major Obstacle! FINALLY!

Since July 2020, the anime has gained many fans. The thrill, suspense and drama led this show to success in a short while. The final episode of the anime series aired last week. What happened in that episode? You will know ahead in this article. Daisuke was on a mission to solve the mystery of murder. At last will his fate led him to conclusion, or not? The anime never faded the artwork and grasping story writing. Finally, the anime has ended. On a good note, the next season might come soon. Next season might have other mysteries for Daisuke to solve. Millionaire Detective: Daisuke & Haru Get Past Their Major Obstacle! Is it true? What was the obstacle that was in their way?

We will know that soon. Also, if you are new and have not seen the anime, do watch it. You will like it.

About Millionaire Detective Balance Unlimited

The anime initially scheduled to premiere in April 2020. It did premiere in this month. However, after that, the anime programming stopped. Due to the pandemic, the episodes got delayed. So from July 16, 2020, the episodes restarted.

Millionaire Detective
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The anime series is available on AniOne youtube channel and Funimation. The final episode of the anime aired on September 25, 2020. Also note that the airing time of the new episodes was set to 12:55 PM as per Japan Standard Time. Now as all the episodes have aired, one can watch the episodes anytime they want.


The story revolves around a detective man. Daisuke lost his mother at an early age. He saw a man standing beside the dead body of his mother. The only goal of Daisuke is to find the murderer of his mother.

While, on his mission, Daisuke met Haru. They both works on the mission day and night. One after other the mysterious events unfolds. Haru and Daisuke will have to decode the messages. Will they reach to conclusion?

It seems they did!

Which characters are there in the anime?

The anime characters includes two main characters named Daisuke Kambe and Haru Kato. Moreover, the supporting characters are Yukihiro Kiyomizu, Mahoro Saeki, Chosuke Nakamoto, Shinnosuke Kamei, Ryo Hoshino, and Suzue Kambe.

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How was the ending?

While on the mission, Daisuke and Haru found something. That would turn into the direct indication of the murderer. While, the villain attacked Haru, Haru finely saved himself. Daisuke got mad.

However, that villain led them to the culprit. Both went on a boat. There the person who killed Daisuke’s mother was present. Daisuke went into a control room. He fought his father! Wait, his father killed his mother?!!!!

Ooooh, it is thrilling. What happened? Know while watching the anime.

That’s all for today. Until next time.

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