MHA’s Manga Chapter 323: Nezu Leaves Everyone Stunned!

In chapter 322 of MHA’s manga, the civilians within the barrier hear rumours of Izuku being the boy, Tomura is after. This causes chaos and protests against Izuku entering the school. Chapter 323 of MHA’s manga, which was finally released on 23rd august, leaves everyone shocked.

When the return of Izuku is finalised, Tenya questions Nezu on how they can assure safety to the civilians. Nezu explains that even though Tomura compromised the UA barrier and broke in once, it is unlikely to happen again because of the new upgrade added to the design. He reveals that the UA can now travel! This news leaves everyone surprised.

According to him, each school segment now has upgraded mechanisms to transform into an underground emergency refuge. Once it enters the underground network, it can travel in any preferred direction. He also says that Izuku is a vital resource for the heroes.
However, the people remain convinced that the return of Izuku will lead to the unsafety of the civilians within the barrier.

Image: Netflix

When Present mic and Best jeanist are unable to calm the situation, Ochako intervenes. She explains that Izuku has a quirk (One for all) but only leaves because he didn’t want to cause any trouble. She admits that Izuku is the main target of Tomura but mentions how Izuku has always cared for the people and helped them whenever he could. After hearing Ochako, one of the civilians admits how Izuku had once helped her. Finally, the people calm down.
Nezu is convinced that if Izuku is determined enough and takes a big step, he can surpass All might.

Honestly, this chapter was a hell of a surprise. I could have never imagined that the UA can move. I cannot wait for the plot to thicken and the mystery to untangle itself. I’m very excited about the next chapter, and it’s evident that you are too!