Mazica Party Anime Compilation Film Announced!

Mazica Party is a brand-new original anime television series. The series premiered in April 2021. Now a compilation film based on the series is set to air later this year.  There is a slew of new and fascinating works coming out this year and next, particularly in the area of anime films.

When it comes to anime compilation films, the footage is typically taken from original anime.  It is a way to convey a segment of the tale with other parts of the show cut or removed. Fans of the series are eagerly anticipating the release of the film.


When Will Be The Premiere Of Mazica Party Compilation Film?

The first day of November began with a big bang. It was recently announced that a compilation film based on the Mazica Party series would be released on December 3, 2021. The film will release in Japanese theatres. Fans enjoyed the anime series, and they are expecting the same from the film. Members of the action game Skypeace are performing the new opening theme song for the show. It has boosted the anticipation for the film to new heights.


The story portrays Kezuru. He is a junior high school student who awakens from a strange dream. He saw himself dressed as a wizard in his dream, accompanied by a creature known as “mazin” and a mysterious girl. The next day, Kuracchi, Kezuru’s friend, tells him about a new card game called ‘Mazica Party.‘ Surprisingly, the card’s characters were precisely what Kezuru had envisioned.

Meanwhile, Mazica, the world’s largest company, sends Kezuru an event notification. Kezuru was curious, so he followed the guide to the Mazica Store. There he met Jeff Johns, the company’s CEO. He handed Kezuru a Mazica Gear. Kezuru was attacked by a balloon-like thing on his way back. His Mazica Gear lit brightly, and a magic book emerged. Furthermore, he scratches a card and enters into a contract with the monster Barunya. Barunya is a “mazin” creature that is a mixture between a balloon and a cat. The adventure of Kezuru begins from there!


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More About Mazica Party!

On April 4, 2021, the Mazica Party anime series premiered. Shinji Ushiro directed the series, and it was produced by OLM Studio. Yoichi Kato is the one who wrote the script. The film has become a must-see for everyone due to its excellent animation. Following the announcement of the compilation film, fans of the series are ecstatic. The film is expected to set a new record before the end of the year.

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