Mars Red Episode 4: Release, Watch Online and Spoilers

Mars Red Episode 4 will dwell more on the world of vampires and their battle with the military. This supernatural historical anime has attracted a lot of eyes since its debut on 6 April. Soon episode 4 will be out to build more on that hype.

Mars Red Episode 4 Release Date

Episode 4 will be out on 27 April at 1:59 JST in Japan, where it will air on ytv, Tokyo MX, Chūkyō TV, and CS Family Gekijo. The anime’s latest episode will air globally at different timings. In the Pacific, episode 4 will air by 9:59 am on 26 April. According to central time, it will air at 11:59 am, whereas by eastern time, episode 4 will be out by 12:59 am on 26 April. In Britain, the show will air on 26 April at 5:59 pm.

Where to Watch Mars Red Episode 4?

Viewers in UK, US, Canada, and Ireland can stream the show with English subs on Funimation. Portuguese and Spanish subtitles are also available on Funimation itself. For those in New Zealand and Australia, the show is available on Animelab. Wakanim also streams the show subtitled in French, German and Russian.

Previously on Episode 3

In Episode 3, we saw Code Zero tracking a man who they suspect to be a vampire. Instead, they find out that he is a carrier of Ascra- a type of artificial blood. Maeda reports the find to Nakajima and asks him to come to a meeting with high-ranking military officers. Moriyama’s death has badly affected all of them, and they want to prevent further casualties at all costs. Suwa bumps into Defrott, who is out to watch a film with Aoi and reports it to Maeda.

Yoshinobu Maeda and Shutaro Kurusu from “Mars Red” (Image: TV Season Spoilers)

On the other hand, Yamagami tells Shuutarou that he has a wife named Tomiko and wishes to meet her. He also talks about the Bon festival. Shuutarou suggests that he can meet her pretending to be a ghost, and Shuutarou agrees. He meets his wife and tells her that he will return next year. The episode ends with Suwa finding a victim of a vampire attack.

Episode 4 Spoilers

Officially, we have nothing in the name of spoilers. However, fans think that episode 4 would probe further into the events related to the recent victim. Code Zero might realize that a vampire is roaming about freely in the festival crowd. Seeing the risk to Tomiko and the others on the premises, Code Zero will engage itself in neutralizing the threats at hand.

Mars Red episode 4 comes out on 27 April. It will let us know whether Code Zero can catch this sneaky bloodthirsty vampire in the midst of rising festivities. Will Code Zero succeed in a race against time? Watch episode 4 of Mars Red to find out.