Mappa Breaks Its Silence On The Allegations Of Horrible Wage Practices By Ex-Animator

MAPPA a name that every anime lover knows. A studio that has brought us some of the most amazing shows in history, like Attack on titans, Jujutsu Kaisen and many more, has recently gained a tremendous reputation when it overtook the final season of attack on titans delivering a truly outstanding performance.

As fans of the anime industry, we realise that a lot of hard work goes into making our beloved shows. The blood, sweat and tears of the people working behind the scenes are what truly results in making an amazing anime. Therefore, with its recent success in launching not one but two worldwide sensation animes, it becomes pretty obvious for the viewers to assume that MAPPA must be rewarding its team quite well, which the studio has agreed to on several occasions.

MAPPA’s employees, however, have something else to say. In the latest interview with MAPPA’s ex animator, whose name has been kept anonymous, it was revealed that people working behind the scenes have less than enjoyable time.


The strict and tight schedule, overtime shifts, and being paid a lot less than what they truly deserve have become a part of being MAPPA’s employee. This revelation has come cracking down right when Japan faces a lot of scrutiny from the world with the most suicide cases among office-going employees that have ever been seen.

Although being one of the most technologically advanced nations with its influence spreading all across the globe, Japan still hasn’t been able to tackle the employee grievances issues. With unpaid overtime being the common facet of a Japanese office worker’s life, it comes as a shocking surprise that one of the leading names in the entertainment industry might also be secretly killing their employees. If not by overtime, then by fewer wages!


Although MAPPA chose to stay quiet for a long time, the studio seems to have had enough. The company’s top brass finally released a statement on their Twitter handles, keeping their stance on the issue. They stated that they never pressured any of their employees to work under their set wages forcefully. Although, they did agree that the wages listed out by their ex-employee were true. However, they also said that the wages were low because the animator wasn’t involved in any major projects.

But, now that the problem has finally been brought out into the open, one can’t help but speculate what might be the cause? Why would an industry spreading entertainment worldwide force their own employees into working in less than friendly conditions? The simple answer to this question is that maybe MAPPA has bitten more off than it could chew, i.e. they have too much work and fewer people.

However, as fans and spectators, we all hope that maybe the studio might change for the better and keep on bringing and launching new successful endeavours with this revelation. Moreover, this might also serve as a great reminder to other studios to revise their workplace environment policies and prove that one voice can make a change.

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