Will There Be Maid Sama Season 2? Latest Updates Kaichō wa Meido-sama Season 2

Do you have questions like Why there is no ‘Maid Sama Season 2’ yet? Will it ever continue the series with season 2? If yes, then what will be the release date? To find out more, check out the latest updates about the Maid Sama.

Maid Sama is and will be extraordinary compared to other rom-com animes. The characters are near flawlessness, the change in character liveliness from typical to chibi-like characters, the soundtrack, the strong plot, inconspicuous sensation romance, and most the fan administration. These factors are what make this anime the most famous and adored rom-com animes ever.

For every rom-com anime fanatic, Maid Sama is the way to go. With good visuals and an adorable plotline, the anime will definitely leave you feeling silly and giddy on the floor. The manga came to an end in 2013, and the anime’s first season aired in 2010 with 26 episodes. So what updates have we gotten on Maid Sama Season 2?

Despite the first season being highly successful, yet there is no news for its revival. Why is there no sequel so far? Will we ever get the Maid Sama Season 2 announcement? These are some common questions in the minds of the fans of this anime. Well, we heard you and have got you covered.

The plot of Maid Sama Season 1

The anime centers around a high school by the name of Seika High, which became popular for being an all-boys school and having a rowdy atmosphere. However, the school was soon transformed into a co-ed school. The female students being a minority, struggled to have much of a standing. Misaki Ayuzawa, a female student at the school, takes it on herself to make the school a better place. After working hard in academics and athletics, she gains the trust of teachers as well and eventually becomes the first female student council president.

Misaki is viewed by the girl students and the teachers as a savior, while the boys view her as a demonic boys-hating girl who wishes to destroy them. However, Misaki has a huge secret of her own, and what happens when one of the most popular boys of Seika High finds out?

When an all-boys high school, Seika High, scandalous for its boisterous understudies, has as of late become a co-ed school. Nonetheless, with the female population actually staying a minority even after the change over the new years, Misaki Ayuzawa strives to make the school a superior spot for young ladies. She invests a ton of energy into academics and games and acquires the trust of the educators.

Eventually, she becomes the main female understudy board president. Misaki has acquired a standing among the male understudies body as a severe kid abhorring devil tyrant and as a sparkling expect the educators and individual female understudies. Nonetheless, notwithstanding her standing, she covertly works low maintenance at a maid bistro to help her evil mother and sister by returning the gigantic obligation their dad had left them.

Tragically, Misaki’s mystery is before long discovered by Takumi Usui, a mainstream kid at Seika High. Rather than presenting it to the school, however, Usui saves it for himself and even becomes a customary client at the bistro, causing Misaki a deep sense of vexation. Known for being a virtuoso in basically everything from academics to sports and for having dismissed various admissions of his female friends, Usui favors Misaki on the grounds that he tracks down her ‘intriguing.’ Subsequent to going through different off-kilter circumstances, including being stood up to by a failed to remember cherished companion of hers, Misaki falls in adoration with Usui, who responds, and the two before long become a couple.

Nonetheless, their relationship is grieved by Usui’s troublesome familial past coming back to get him. Being an ill-conceived offspring of an affluent English respectable family, Usui technically can’t frame a relationship with anybody not in his social standing, Misaki notwithstanding. Misaki needs to see Usui being compelled to move to a lofty adversary school Miabigaoka, and afterward away from Japan completely when his family returns him to England. Be that as it may, they graduate, and Usui and Misaki eventually wed 10 years after the fact.

The anime centers around Misaki and Takumi figuring out the equation between them and the obstacles they face to be together.

Maid Sama Season 2 is not yet canceled, or any announcement has not been issued. In this article, we will discuss all the details and events that can lead to season 2 of Maid Sama.

It is tedious to read a novel and find our answers; we understand. Hence we have brought all the information we have on the sequel of Maid Sama.

Maid Sama Season 2 has not officially been announced yet, and we don’t know what the chances are that another season of Maid Sama will go on air.

Maid Sama English Dub

English subbed and dubbed episodes of Maid Sama can be streamed on Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Will There Be Maid Sama Season 2?

Will There Be Maid Sama Season 2?

The renewal of any anime, show, manga or any series is many things, including source material, popularity, and sales of the franchise.

In this article, we have done all the research on the same and have come to a conclusion as to Will there be season 2 for Maid Sama. Keep reading to know the answer.

Do We Have Enough Source Material For Maid Sama 2?

Source Material for Maid Sama

Season 1 of Maid Sama finishes at volume 8, chapter 35 of the manga. There are 18 volumes in total. There is a lot of source material waiting to be adopted.

Season 1 ended with the school festival in Seika high. Usui and Misaki spend the whole day enjoying themselves, and by the end of the day, they confess their feeling to each other. Finally, they share a magical kiss while the fireworks fill up the night sky with sparkly colors. While the finale was quite satisfying, there are tons of other important events in the manga. Season 2 would continue the story, and we could finally see Usui and Misaki behaving like a cute couple.

This gives us a positive hope that there can be another season or maybe seasons for Maid Sama. But as of now, there is no information regarding the same officially.

Profit Index for Maid Sama Season 2

Maid Sama
Profit Index for Maid Sama Season 2

There is no doubt that Maid Sama Season was extremely successful in its run.

The anime got delivered on six disks in Japan. Each sold, on average, about 7,000 copies. The anime got a BD-Box on September 10, 2010. Around 1,000 copies were sold then.

Anime series that sell up to 10,000 have a great chance to get a renewal.

Maid Sama Light Novel Series Sales

Volume 8, which sold approximately 160,000 copies, was published on August 25, 2010. The latest animated novel, volume 18, which was published in 2018, sold around 120,000 copies.

The merchandise is doing great up until now, which is superb for improving the odds that Maid Sama Season 2 will be out soon. The anime got a great deal of affection, too, with merchandise and figures. That doesn’t generally occur with anime manga recreations.

Popularity For Maid Sama Season 2

Popularity For Maid Sama Season 2

The popularity of any season or series always the most important for the renewal of the show. Public demands have proven to be a driving force.

It’s been a long time since the original Maid Sama season was broadcasted. So is the establishment still famous and dynamic? We have analyzed this in detail.

Social Media hype for Maid Sama Season 2

The authority handle for Maid Sama was never really present. There are many fan-based Twitter pages and Instagram pages. These show how popular Maid Sama is.

Google Trends for Maid Sama Season 2

Maid Sama popularity peaked in 2010, and after that, it just keeps dropping and rising. Recently the searches have increased for season 2.


Maid Sama
Google Trends Maid Sama

IMDb Ranking for Maid Sama

IMDb ranking of the show still remains at 8, which can be good news but cannot really assure the renewal of the anime for another season.

Concluding, the series is still very popular, and the movie has just boosted it even more. But the social media dead accounts may dishearten the fans a bit.

Why There isn’t Maid Sama Season 2 yet?

Even though the anime and the manga became quite the popular hit amongst fans, the creators have not renewed the anime for a second season. This is surprising because the demand for its recreation was high, and many were looking forward to more content.

To be honest, We don’t mind that there’s no second season after We finished reading the manga. Don’t get us wrong, though. We loved the first season and think it’s one of our favorite rom-coms, but the manga didn’t seem as great as it progressed later into the second half for me. We loved seeing Misaki progress as a character and understand her feelings.

We were also very intrigued by Usui’s past and his seemingly perfect nature, which is partially what got us to pick up and finish the manga. The manga was excellent as we got to see more of that and learned about Usui’s past, but it started to drag a little bit after the relationships started to get sorted out. There were a few nice moments, but nothing that topped the first half, in our opinion.

For that reason, We think not having a second season is ok. We felt like the ending was well done with a fair amount of closure which was surprising for its genre, especially since We knew there was more to the series than where the anime ended.

 Maid Sama Season 2 Possible Plot

Maid Sama Season 2 will have a story dependent on Usui and Misaki dating. season1 finished with the two of them admitting to one another and recognizing their irresistible love for one another. Along these lines, in the new season, it is no doubt for us to see the two of them being all lovey-dovey just as serious.

Maid Sama Season 2 would continue with the lives of Misaki and Takumi, especially their life after school.

Regardless of whether Maid Sama Season 2  fails on the fan’s assumptions, the promotion alone will make the anime an unquestionable must-watch. In contrast to most animes, this anime really shows the genuine substance of love and resilience.

With this, this article comes to an end. We hope we get some news very soon regarding the renewal. As soon as we get it, we surely will update the same so stay tuned. Please stay safe and keep supporting us.

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