Lolirock Season 3: Will The Popular Animated Series Return For Another Season?

Will there be more Lolirock for us? When will season 3 release? Is it the end of the Lolirock series?

Too many questions right. Don’t worry; we are here to your rescue. Here is all you need to know about the very famous Lolirock series. After the last two seasons got viral, fans are waiting for season 3 desperately. There has been a lot of gossips about it too. We are here to blow them all for you. Read ahead to get your all queries solved.

Plot Of Previous Seasons Of Lolirock

As cute as its  title Lolirock, the animation of the series leaves us in geez. Lolirock is a story of Iris, not just an ordinary young girl but a spirited angel who possesses a beautiful voice and a strong desire to help others. The life of Iris turned 360 degrees when she joins the group Lolirock, and she is introduced to another world with lots of mysteries, magic and music. The group has 3 girls whose destinies are interlinked to one another. the adventure of the young ladies takes us to their lives of the magical princess and how they always stand for right. The show was efficient enough to connect to the hidden magical princess in every young girl. After such an amazing plot, netizens are now demanding season 3

Will there be season 3 for the show?

There have been many petitions for the new season after the last seasons aired in 2017 with 26 episodes. You can find the petition online on

The chances of the return of the series are really high considering the previous record of some well-known series on Netflix. There are a lot of predictions online for the release date of season 3; unfortunately, none of them is official yet. On the brighter side, the creator of the show Jean Louis tweeted a link that leads to the official tumbler account of the show that gives green lights to season 3.

Expected Plot for Season 3

The show is adequate enough to stick you to its previous 54 episodes. We can expect new fun adventures of the girls in season 3 of Lolirock, not forgetting new evils and new and more intense fights. These are only assumptions the makers haven’t dropped any official plotline or spoilers yet. For the moment, fans can enjoy the Film Lolirock released in 2017 by the creator Jean Louis itself.

Lolirock Members


You can go through the previous seasons with original Japanese or English dubs on Netflix or Amazon prime videos.