Log Horizon Season 3: Release Date,Trailer, Cast and Other Updates

Log Horizon Season 3  is a Japanese novel of the same name. After the successful running of the first and the second season of the show, now it is on the merge of releasing the third season. The wait is now over, and the season is finally in the air.  Now let’s go to the content and see when season three is coming and what more are waiting for us!

Log Horizon: Season 3: Release Date

After all, season three is coming. The fans were too crazy about the late issues, but now it is happening. But there are some rumors also. According to some lines,  the expecting of the release is still on delay. Albeit’s announcement within this respect is also pending.

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The series was initially set to be released around October 2020. But later on, due to the ongoing corona pandemic, the release date got postponed. But don’t worry, all are set now. The season is currently scheduled for January 2021 with 12 episodes. The exact time is not in the air, but it will be soon. The third season of the anime has a name: Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table.

Log Horizon Season 3: Cast

Currently, the anime predicting Joji Nakata as Nyanta, Mike Yager, as Shiroe and Emiri Kato as Akatsuki.

Log Horizon Season 3 Plot

Now let’s jump to the plot. What is going to happen in season three! As far as the plot is treated, it’ll follow the book from where it ends on season 2.  The last episode we have seen, Shiroe was fighting his fear of living on a planet of critters. Thus it confirms the season three is going to have unknown monsters, namely Tenwazawai. The fight and their attack. It will generate a rift between the empires and the East.

Meanwhile, it becomes more robust, and the anxieties are existing within the Round Table Alliance. Thus, all the things are brining peace back to Akiba. That’s for now. For more updates, stay connected to the page and help yourself.


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