Kijin Gentosho Historical Fantasy Novel by Motoo Nakanishi Gets An Anime Adaptation

Motoo Nakanishii’s novel Kijin Gentosho is announced for an anime adaptation. Its trailer was telecasted in one of Futabasha’s promotional videos. The novel has only seven volumes, but it has sold more than 225,000 copies in Japan. The first manga adapted volume of Nakanishii’s novel was released yesterday on September 9th. The manga was adapted by Yu Satomi. It was narrated and posted by Taku Yashiro. Futabasha has been streaming a promotional video for Kijin Gentosho. At the end of the video, it reveals how novels could inspire anime adaptations.

Kijin Gentosho is a fantasy and historical novel. The story takes place in the Edo period. The novel gives the readers a series of exciting battles, mysteries, and a well-portrayed story around the protagonist. Thus, the same could be expected from its manga and anime adaptations. Kijin Gentosho has already gained popularity in Japan. There are also numerous copies of the novel in circulation. So, a good storyline is also to be expected.

Kijin Gentosho Plot

Kijin Gentosho focuses on Jinta. He is a young man who is considered an outsider to a mountain village. The village has a shrine attended by a priestess. Jinta resides there and guards the priestess of the shrine. Despite being an outsider to the village, he is asked to kill a lurking demon. Things get puzzling when he faces the demon. The demon tells Jinta about how he would travel 170 years in the future to kill it. The story moves from the Edo period to 170 years in the future in the Heisei era back and forth. Jinta starts questioning himself while moving through time and space about why they possess a sword.

The first volume of Kijin Gentosho was released in June 2019. It was titled Suihō no Hibi (Days of nothing). The latest was released on June 16th, 2021. It was titled Meiji-hen (Meiji arc). It is speculated that the 8th volume of the novel will be released on October 21st, 2021. The anime adaptation has already been announced after the manga release. Still, there has been no announcement of a specific date or the series in which the episodes would be released. Fans are excited to watch this novel as an anime.

Sources: Futabasha’s YouTube channel