Kengan Omega Chapter 103: Release Date, Spoilers

In Kengan Omega chapter 102, we saw Hayami and Jurota’s impressive battle. Hayami was able to harm Jurota by dislocating his shoulder, and this heavily changed the course of the battle. Jurota has decided to avoid using unfair means at all costs and sticks to judo, while Masaki is freely taking advantage of this stubbornness. Will Jurota be able to gain back his footing? The answer to this question lies in chapter 103.

Kengan Omega Chapter 103 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 103 is going to release on Thursday, April 1, 2021. Since Kodansha Comics publishes the manga, there is no way to read the manga online. However, you can purchase it from Amazon Kindle and others.

Kengan Omega Chapter 103 Spoilers and Preview

Chapter 103 The Battle

In this chapter, the fight between Jurota and Hayami continues. Kazuo wonders if he can continue to fight. Hayam continues to attack him, now taking complete advantage of his broken arm. Using one foot, Jurota tries to kick Hayami; this sends him flying. But Hayami lands on his feet before hitting the ground. Jurota is stunned, and Hayami isn’t giving up and can keep up with Jurota’s pace. Jurota is impressed that Hayami can counter someone three times stronger than himself. The two continue to wrestle, trying to bring the other down. This is when Jurota thinks to himself that Hayami is the real Meguro Masaki.

As the fight continues, the two deal blows on each other, and Hayami even manages to throw Jurota away for the first time. Jurota praises him for this feat and declares Hayami his nemesis. In the end, Hayami finally lands a decisive blow on Jurota, who comments that he had a good fight before falling unconscious. The ref announces Hayami as the winner by KO. The Kengan Association cheers as Hayami exits the ring. Kazuo is delighted that he could defeat his opponent, while Agito believes this fight will be inspiring for the other members of the team.

Chapter 103 The Aftermath

Hayami takes his stuff from Koga, along with his earphones, listening to something. He is out on his way to the medical and tells Koga that they would talk later. On his way out, he sees a lady waiting for him, they don’t talk, but she comments “poor brother” to herself. She is revealed to be Kurayoshi Rino, a representative of Gold Pleasure Group and an affiliate of the Kengan Association. She is also the daughter of Hayami Katsumasa.

Kengan Omega: Kurayoshi Rino (Image: OtakuKart)

As Hayami heads to get himself treated, he thinks about the fight and how strong Jurota was. He wouldn’t have won without Purgatory’s rules; moreover, Jurota never wanted to kill. Hayami respects his power and vows to become stronger than Jurata and even his brother. We then see him crying. He is crying tears of blood, just like The Crying Man, Meguro Masaki. It is then revealed that Hagami is listening to a monologue from Meguro Masaki on his earphones.

About Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega is written by Yabako Sandrovich and illustrated by Daromeon. It follows the story of Narushima Kouga who wants to enter the Kengan matches to meet Tokita Ouma for unknown reasons. Narushima works under Yamashita Kazuo. A massive underground tournament between Kengan Association and Purgatory, another underground martial-arts organization occurs. Will Kouga be strong enough to enter the legendary Kengan fights?