Kemono Jihen Episode 12: Release Date and Everything We Know So far

Kemono Jihen is a must-watch short anime series that has intriguing characters and an exciting storyline. This fantasy horror anime is the direct adaptation of the manga series with the same name, written by Shō Aimoto. The anime started airing on January 10, 2021 and is ongoing with its final episode coming out soon. It follows the story of Inugami, an occult detective, who ends up meeting a young boy secluded by his peers. Watch the journey of this inhuman boy called ‘Dorotabou’ in an exciting new world. Read along to find out more about Kemono Jihen Episode 12 Release Date and Everything We Know So Far.

Kemono Jihen
Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen Episode 12: Release Date and Where To Watch

The final episode of Kemono Jihen is titled “Kemono Incidents” and it is scheduled to release on 28 March 2021. You can stream all episodes of Kemono Jihen on Funimation, AnimeLab, Wakanim, Muse Asia’s YouTube Channel, Bilibili, and Netflix Japan. However, episode 12 will air first on Funimation around 22:00 JST. Here are the possible air timings for different time zones –

Pacific Time – 6:00 a.m. (28 March 2021)

Central Time – 8:00 a.m. (28 March 2021)

Eastern Time – 9:00 a.m. (28 March 2021)

British Time – 2:00 p.m. (28 March 2021)

Previously on Kemono Jihen: Episode 11 Highlights

With the ‘Akira Arc’ reaching its peak, what will be the fate of the two siblings? In episode 11, we find that Yui freezes Kabane, Shiki, and Inugami. Yui believes that he is the only one needed in Akira’s life. Akira realizes that something is terribly amiss and we are taken into a flashback. Yui had shouldered the responsibilities of a village chief in order to protect Akira from the vices of the notorious villagers. Eventually, Yui ends up destroying the village because they act against his countless pleads. He takes the stone which is a frozen equivalent of Kabane’s. This results in the current turbulent attitude of Yui.

Akira quickly realizes that he must take action in order to save his friends, Meanwhile Kabane unfreezes given his restorative abilities. Yui is away in the forest looking for herbs to cure Akira’s cough. Akira tries to persuade Kabane that he wishes nothing more but to reunite with his brother. However, a fight seems inevitable and the episode ends on the note of Yui and Nobimaru’s battle. Will Yui and Akira reconcile? Will the arc reach its resolution? Watch the final episode to unfold the ending!