Kamiarizuki no Kodomo/Child of Kamiari Month New Trailer and Updates

What does the word Kamiarizuki mean? As per the Lunar Calendar specifically for the Izumo region. Kamiazuri means the month with gods. It is an alias name for October. People believe, as per old mythologies, that at the Izumo Taisha Shrine in October, Gods from all over Japan gather there. As per the old Japanese calendar, October is called Kannazuki means the month of no God. It

Based on this, a new feature film is awaiting to make its release.

Feature Film:

Yes, I am talking about Kamiarizuki no Kodomo or also popularly known as Child of Kamiari Month. On the 5th of May this year, the Cretica Universal, a Kobe-based direction company, made an announcement about this new feature film.

Back in March 2019, Cretica Universal did their first crowdfunding campaign announcing this project.

The crowdfunding event took place in three stages. The first one was marking the beginning of the project Kamiarizuki/ Child of Kamiari Month “First Summit.” This took place between March to May 2019. Later from July to August 2019, the “Second Summit” of the crowdfunding campaign was held. And in this year, from April to June, the third crowdfunding campaign was run.


What is the film Kamiarizuki/Child of Kamiari Month about?

The story of the feature film Kamiarizuki no Kodomo/Child of Kamiari Month is about Kanna. She is a girl who is running away from situations after her mother passes away. She can no longer face her beloved ones now. One day, Shiro, a rabbit and a boy Yasha comes to her. Shiro is a ‘Shinshi,’ a god’s messenger. Meanwhile, Yasha is an oni (ogre).

Later, Kanna crosses the line drawn between people and the gods. And eventually, she gets an invitation into Izumo.

After delays and postpones made due to the global COVID-19, the film might finally open in 2021.

New 60 seconds Trailer:

Recently, the official website of this new mythology adaptation feature film Kamiarizuki no Kodomo/Child of Kamiari Month releases a new trailer. The trailer is of a duration of a total of 60 seconds. And it features the three main characters of the Child of Kamiari Month.


Cretica Universal’s official Youtube channel for streamed the 60-second official trailer of Child of Kamiari Month on Saturday.

Cast and Characters:

Aju Makita is the voice behind the lead protagonist Kanna. Kanna is a girl who stops running and loses interest in it after the demise of her mother. Maaya Sakamoto voices Shiro. Shiro is a messenger of the god. He is a rabbit with one wing.  Miyu Irino is the voice behind Yato. Yato is an oni boy.
Miyu is famous for voicing Haku in the anime Spirited Away.

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