Kakegurui Twin Spin-Off Anime Coming In August 2022!

Kakegurui Twin is a popular manga series in Japan. It was well-liked by fans all across the world. The manga franchise has both a spinoff and a prequel. The majority of anime on the market gets its content from different sources. Light novels, games, and visual novels are examples of such sources. Manga has the highest percentage of sources taken from other media. Now, Kakegurui has revealed that a new spinoff anime is in the works for a Netflix release. After hearing the news, fans are looking forward to it.

When Will Be The Premiere Of The Kakegurui Twin Spin-Off Anime?

During Netflix’s “Anime Day” live, the new spinoff show was announced. Kakegurui Twin will be available on the streaming service in August of next year. This anime lasted two seasons. Fans have waited for the third since the second season ended in 2019. Fortunately, the franchise will return to Netflix with a completely new experience. The actual date of the premiere has yet to be confirmed. It has heightened the anticipation of fans.



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Where To Watch Kakegurui Twin Spin-Off Anime?

The original anime, as well as the live-action adaptation, are both accessible to watch on Netflix. Sentai Filmworks will also release the anime on DVD and Blu-ray. However, the physical release will have a different English dub and translation from the streaming version. Therefore, people all across the world can enjoy the anime adaptation.

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More About Kakegurui Twin Anime!

Unfortunately, there is no information on the production studio. Crew, or possible new or returning cast for the spinoff anime series in the announcement.  If fans want to read the original manga before the new anime premiere on Netflix, Yen Press has licensed it for an English version. Season 1 of the anime aired in 2017. The franchise has gained a lot of appreciation worldwide.

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