Kageki Shojo Episode 12: Release Date, Plot And Where to Watch it?

Kageki Shojo Episode 12 is going to be released on 19th September 2021, at 12:00 AM. This season of anime will be concluding with episode 13. Below are the details of the anime upcoming episode:

Recap of Kageki Shojo Episode 11?

In Kouka School Cultural Festival Show, a 15-minute time slot was given to First Years by Second Years for their play Romeo and Juliet. However, only 4 out of 40 newcomers were chosen via audition due to limited time. Sarasa is competing against Kaoru since both aims for the same role. As competition becomes intense, it’s seen that it’s somewhat easy for some girls like Ai. However, that is not the case for someone as timid as Ayako, as the pressure is cracking him.

About Episode 12: Title And Plot Speculation

Episode 12 of the popular anime series Kageki Shojo is titled “Surely Someone”.

Kageki Shoujo
Image: Kageki Shojo

The auditions are still going on. Thus, fans can expect more and more excellent acting from the students. And in this race for who plays who we all know that Sarasa will be chosen over Kaoru for the role of Romeo.
However, the real twist will be if Ayako gets chosen for the role of Juliet instead of Ai.

What Is The Plot Of Anime?

Sarasa Watanabe has a dream to become an otokoyaku while Ai Narata has her own dream of a world with no men at all. Now they both are about to take their first step towards the stage as they get into a competitive all-girls theatre school.

About Kageki Shojo:

This anime is adapted from the Japanese manga named Kageki Shojo written by Kumiko Saiki. Manga has a total of 11 volumes.


Kazuhiro Yoneda was the Director of anime Kageki Shojo with Yutaka Suwa and Akiko Yada being the producers. Pine Jam has animated the anime series, and the anime will consist of most probably 13 episodes.

Where Can We Watch Upcoming Episode And The Previous Ones?

Kageki Shojo upcoming Episode will be available online at Funimation. Previous episodes are also available for rewatching the series. This season will be concluding with episode 13.