Is Kemono Jihen Getting a Season 2? Release Date and What Can We Expect

Kemono Jihen, an urban fantasy horror anime show, premiered its first season in January this year. It is based on an anime created by Sho Aimoto. The first season has 12 episodes, and the finale episode had aired just a few days ago on the 28th of March. So will there be a season 2?

Kemono Jihen Season 2

Season 1 of the series just came to an end, yet fans are waiting for more news on the second season’s release. Even though the creators have not said anything, we believe that a season 2 is in the works.

The reason is that the anime has more than enough source material as more than 50 chapters of the manga have been released. In addition, it seems that the first season was just about the introduction of characters and an introduction to the show. Based on the plot of manga and the chapters that have already been animated, we are expecting more action in the upcoming seasons.

The anime received overall positive reviews and garnered quite the fanbase. There is no reason for the show to be cancelled. Let us hope more news regarding this is released.

What is Kemono Jihen about?

Inugami is a detective from Tokyo who specializes in Occult. When random dead and deteriorating animal bodies begin appearing in a remote village, Inugami is called to investigate what is happening. It is there that Inugami becomes friends with a young boy who works in the fields rather than attending school. He was shunned by his peers and given the nick-name “Dorata-bou,” based on a Yokai who lives in the mud. The boy helps Inugami in uncovering the truth. However, there are some supernatural forces present, and the boy seems to be hiding something.

Episode 12
Episode 12

Where can you watch the first season?

If you are new to the Kemono Jihen world, you can catch the first season on Funimation or Anime-Planet. Both versions have Japanese audio and English subtitles. However, an English dub version of the anime is yet to be released.

What can we expect from Season 2?

In the season finale of the first season, Akira is successful in pulling out the nullstone from Yui’s chest with Kabane’s help. Kabane takes the nullstone, and it merges with his lifestone becoming a kemonostone. The episode reveals that Yui, under the influence of the nullstone was the one who killed all the women in his village. Akira convinces him to share the burden he has. Yui has a quick recovery, and the brothers set out on a soul-searching journey.

Season 2 will pick up from here. Chapter 22 (Volume 6) onwards should be adapted if you look at the timeline according to the manga. Let us hope the creators release some news soon.

You can watch the trailer for Kemono Jihen here:

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