Irregular At Magic High School Anime 2nd Season – Stream On Funimation

The visitor arc of Irregular At Magic High School Anime 2nd season is coming soon. The arc will be releasing next month. Tsutomu Sato’s science fiction novel inspired arc will come out soon. A trailer of the upcoming season has been launched on September 5, 2020. The platforms on which the episodes will be available are mentioned in this article. The previous season of the Irregular At Magic High School came out in the year 2013. After years the sequel is coming out.

The sequel is titled as ‘Sequel – The Irregular At Magic High School Magian Company.‘ The novel has gained success across the globe. Eight-bit studio will produce the anime series. Various adaptions like the anime film adaption came out in the year 2017. Also, the manga adaption of the light novel is available. Fans all over the world have loved the story and art. Moreover, let us know the release date of Irregular At Magic High School Anime 2nd Season.

Do not forget to watch the first complete season. It is interesting.

Release date of Irregular At Magic High School Anime 2nd Season

According to official sources, the anime season two will release on October 3, 2020. The previous season got premiered in April 2014.

Moreover, the spinoff of the anime is set to publish in early 2021. The anime will stream on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Irregular At Magic High School Anime 2nd Season
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About Season 2

A total of 32 volumes are there of light novel. Now, the second season will cover 9 to 11 volumes of the novel. As we can see the above cover of the 9th volume, it features Miyuki and Lina. Some of the cut scenes are available. That reveals Tatsuya, Miyuki, and Lina. Furthermore, the opening theme song is Howling by ASCA.

Meanwhile, a new character will feature in the anime. The character design of that will be done by eight-bit.

New arc will be focusing on Tatsuya. His development at the magic school will be focus of the season. It is said that magicians can not go out of their country. This reveals the secret and exploits the magic. However, Kitayama is on her way to go abroad.

This have bring Vampire to the country, and they drain human blood. Everyone is afraid of these creatures. However, the deed done by one has to be suffered by all.

[The series was scheduled to come out in July 2020. However, due to the pandemic, it got delayed. So now from October 3, 2020 it will start airing.]

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