‘Irodorimidori’- An Anime Being Produced By Frontwing From Chunithm’s Game

Since the very beginning, we have seen many games being an inspiration for animes. Once the characters of that game start being loved by people, the thought of anime happens. The producers take it upon themselves to give more life to those characters by building up a story. They begin with giving them a past, then the present, and what they are heading towards. This makes the existence of the game even more fun. Just like it happened with Pokemon, after the game’s hype, we received a life-long present in the form of an anime. Similarly, from Chunithm (an arcade rhythm game), a short anime series is being made called Irodorimidori.

Details On The Anime Series Of Irodorimidori

On Monday, Frontwing, the production house, announced through media that they are producing a new anime. The anime is going to be a short series named Irodorimidori. Moreover, its story is based on the story of a band from the game called Chunithm. It was announced that this anime would be released sometime in 2022. Chunithm is an interactive arcade game that was launched by Sega all across Japan. Since its famous amongst arcade players, everyone is looking forward to this new development in the franchise. You can watch the snippet video attached below.

Plot Of Irodorimidori 

Irodorimidori revolves around the members of a band initially present in the game. It’s a rock band consisting of five high school girls. Maigahara High School is the place where this story will unfold itself. All the aspiring students who want to be musicians come here. Also, a rumor of mysterious scores being added was spread amongst the students. It said that those who perform their best in the school festival would receive some good extra scores. The source is not confirmed but, it fueled the students with low grades to work for it. They worked hard for the school festival participation. Amidst this, Irodorimidori decides to make their presence known by participating in the school festival.

Cast of Irodorimidori

Listed below are the members of the band as well the cast of this particular anime: –

  • Emi Nitta as Serina Akesaka (Vocal/Drums)
  • Ayaka Fukuhara as Aliciana Ogata (Vocal/Guitar)
  • Ayano Yamamoto as Nazuna Tennozu (Vocal/Guitar)
  • Kaoru Sakura as Nagi Kobotoke (Vocal/Keyboards)
  • M.A.O as Naru Hakobe (Vocal/Bass)

Some Extra Information On The Franchise

Irodorimidori Manga Cover Picture
Irodorimidori Manga Cover Picture
Image: Irodorimidori wiki

In July 2015,  was when the arcade game was officially released. Before that, in 2014, it was put on test rounds before finalizing. Also, it is being said that on the 4th of November, it will release a new version of Chunithm. It is said to have 120fps framerates and online payment. Irodorimidori is also said to have multimedia development based on their music. They have their manga episodes, radio dramas, manga short movies, and live events. Studio Trigger had previously uploaded an animated music video for the band back in 2015.

With this, we will be getting another game-inspired anime. Also, we hope for it to please everyone and be a source of enjoyment. In addition to it, if one wants to be updated on Irodorimidori and recent happenings, they can check their official website!

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