Hundred Season 2: Release Date And Time, Countdown, Watch English Sub/Dub Online

Hundred is a Japanese light novel written by none other than the talented Jun Masaki. Who managed to create a beautiful story of love and adventure in the midst of utter chaos. All those who have read the light novel would know the beauty and the great story of the series. That is exactly why fans have been eagerly waiting for its publishers to release season 2.

Plot and Introduction

Savages in Hundred Season1
Image: Funimation

Earth is being attacked by aliens and monsters known as the “Savages”. The Savages are monstrous beings that have made the entire planet into a big hot bubbling war zone. They are not only endangering the lives of humans but, if allowed to let loose, can literally destroy the planet and everything in it. But the worst part is, there is only one weapon that can stop them – Hundreds. A powerful weapon that is unique to each user and grants them special power. However, only some humans possess the power to wield this mighty weapon and face the Savages head-on. The warriors who can wield the Hundred and end Earth’s misery are called – Slayers

Emile and Hayato
Image: Funimation

This is the story of Hayato Kisaragi, who has a dream to one day become a Slayer. To fulfill his dream, Hayato manages to get in the marine academy city ship Little Garden. Upon his entry, he is greeted by his roommate, a girl name Emile Crossford. As time passes, Hayato begins to feel a strange sense of familiarity towards Emile. He begins to wonder whether he knows her from somewhere. However, this isn’t the only thing bothering him. As soon as Hayato enters the academy, he is challenged by the most powerful slayer in the academy – Claire Harvey. This is the story of Hayato and his adventures to one day become the most powerful slayer.

Hundred Season 2 Release Date And Time

Hundred Season 1
Image: Funimation

The last episode of Hundred aired on 20th June 2016. It has been almost 5 years since the show first premiered, and it has been an excruciatingly long time for fans to wait for a season 2. However, unfortunately for the fans of the series, no confirmed release date has been announced as of yet. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the show won’t make a comeback in 2021.

Due to the pandemic, many production studios had to postpone a lot of shows. That’s why we can expect some news on Season 2 of the series in the fall of 2021 or spring 2022.

Where To Watch Hundred In English Sub/Dub

Fans can watch the latest episodes of their favorite shows in English Sub/ Dub on Crunchyroll, Viz Media. and Animixplay. While waiting for a season 2, fans can also read Hundred(manga) on Crunchyroll.

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