Hulla Fulla Dance Trailer and Visual Released

The upcoming anime feature film’s official web page has released a 70-second full Hula Fulla Dance trailer and poster visual. This feature film depicting the efforts and struggles of the rookie hula girls who strive to achieve their dreams.

The Hulla Fulla Dance feature film features the one-year story of Hiwa Natsunagi, a rookie member of the Hawaiians Dancing Team at Spa Resort Hawaiians in Fukushima Prefecture. The movie centers around her teammates and the bond between them and the people around them over a year.  The site has also released the most anticipated theme song, “Sunflower, “of the anime feature film Hulla Fulla Dance. The theme song is originally performed by the four-member Japanese idol group Philosophy no Dance / The Dance of PhilosophyThe theme song performed by the Japanese idol group is their first debut film song which is already included in the Hulla Fulla dance trailer.

Hulla fulla dance visual

A young Natsunagi stares attentively at a Hula dancer in the trailer, entranced by the dancer’s grace and beauty. The trailer then cuts to the present, where the aspiring Hula dancer struggles in her work at a Hawaiian resort. Nonetheless, she quickly overcomes and rises above the hurdles as her talent develops via her friendship with her team. This trailer has raised anticipation among the anime lovers of Hulla Fulla Dance. The second portion of the trailer concludes on a high note, with the idol group making a flawless dance routine and the theme music playing. The cheerful Hulla Fulla dance trailer music “Sunflower” by the 4 four-member Japanese idol group has kept the fans moving at their feet.

The official website had also released a visual poster after the Hulla Fulla Dance feature film trailer. The eye-catching visual poster of Hulla Fulla Dance, along with its colorful portrayal of the character of the anime film, is certainly a visual treat to the eyes. The dance group members enjoy each other’s company in the upper half of the visuals. Hiwa Natsunagi’s protagonist is shown at the bottom of the poster performing the Hula dance in traditional Hawaiian attire.

The movie was initially scheduled for release in Japan in the early summer of 2021 but has been pushed back to December 3, 2021.