High School DXD: Season 5: Release date, Trailer, Cast and Plot

High School DXD is a Mild fantasy novel series by Ishii Ishibumi. It is a Japanese game with Four seasons of this show. The DXD is a very popular anime series. Why it is so famous is not surprising at all until you have a look! The anime a lot of adult features with fantasy. But the alluring women are not the leading cause of the anime’s popularity. The main objective is farther than these little features. So let’s check and the details on the season 5’s release date, plot and the cast. So far, the anime has received four seasons. And the good news is the next one is on its way. Season 5 of High School DxD will continue the Hero Oppai Dragon arc., which began on the fourth season. Usually, now it is going to cover two volumes — 9 and 10.

High School DxD Season 5 Episodes: What would be like the Fifth episode?

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The fans of this show were expecting to release the fifth episode. They were trusting the season would broadcast the starting. But actually it won;t happened. The filming of the show was not complete yet. As a result, there would be some delay. The delay would add more dates because of the outbreak of the coronavirus all over the world. The situation is drastically discouring the fans of DXD.  But now, producers of the show claim that they are trying hard to hurry as quickly as they can. So let’s see what happens!

When High School DXD Season 5 Will Release?

Till now, there is no exact date of the release. According to the producers, they are treating hard to announce a release date as early as possible. But, there are no such backed reports regarding the release date. However, based on the seasons’ publishing schedule, fans believe that the upcoming episode may publish in the coming month of October in 2020.   As soon as they officially announce that date, we will update you. Until then, stay connected.

Who Are Going to Cast in DXD?

According to officials, the wide majority of the casts from the last season will be returning for this spark new series! So, we will see

Issei Hyodo voiced by Yuki Kaji,

Rias Gremory voiced by Yoko Hikasa,

Asia Argento and

Kononenko Toujou.



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