Hige o Soru Shoshite Joshi Kosei o Hirou Anime: Updates Here

Hige o Soru Shoshite Joshi Kosei o Hirou a Japanese romantic comedy series by Shimesaba. Sources confirmed the serialization in the Kakuyomu website in March 2017. Three volumes published in the light novel. Since November 2018 a manga adaption by Imaru Adachi got published in Monthly Shonen Ace. Moreover, an anime TV series adaption was announced on December 26, 2019. The second went on sale on October 26. The producer of anime is Dream Shift and the director is Manabu Kamikita.

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Synopsis Of Hige o Soru. Shoshite Joshi Kosei o Hirou

As described by the My Anime List the storyline of Hige o Soru Shoshite Joshi Kosei o Hirou goes like, a 26-year old employer Yoshida is crushing over his coworker named Air Gotou. It has been a long time, five years he remained silent. Finally, he asks for a date, but gets rejected on the spot! Damn. He drinks because of disappointment, heads toward home. He finds a high school girl sitting on the roadside. That girl needed a place to stay, she starts seducing Yoshida. Yoshida won’t get seduce yet he invites her to stay at his house.

The next morning, the girl introduced herself. Her name is Sayu Ogiwara, she ran away from Hokkaido. She came all the way to Tokyo. She traded for sexual favors until six months for a roof. Yoshida gave her a roof in exchange for making her wash utensils and doing laundry. In conclusion, an unexpected relationship between Yoshida and Sayu begins.

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Booota provided the illustrations of the anime. Also,  Seven Senses of the Re’UnionPenguin Highway, and The Dark Maidens provided the illustrations. The Seven Senses of the Re’Union novels inspired TV anime series in July 2018. Moreover, the Penguin Highway novel also inspired an anime film. The Dark Maidens received film and manga adaptions in 2017.
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