Heroines Run The Show: The Unpopular Girl And The Secret Task Episode 12 is Releasing Soon!

Heroines Run the Show is an original anime production by Lay-Duce Studio. The story is all about Suzumi Hiyori. She is a small-town girl who has recently shifted to Tokyo to attend her high school. The only goal in her life is to pursue her passion for Running on Track. She dreams that someday she will join Japan’s Track Team.

To fulfill this dream, she must sustain her living situation in Tokyo. But due to her family’s poor financial condition, it does not go smoothly. Thus, she decides to take a Part-Time Job. She becomes the Training Manager of the LIPXLIP Idol Group in high school.

Heroines Run The Show: Episode 12: Release Date

Heroines Run the Show: The Unpopular Girl and the Secret Task, Episode 12 is going to release on 23rd June. The time of the release will be at 10:30 P.M. (JST Zone).


Heroines Run The Show: Episode 11

Episode 11 of  Heroines Run The Show was a total shock for the fans. In this episode, the culprit behind those scandalous photos was caught. Ironically, it was none other than one of Hiyori’s best friends from her class. It was Chizuru Nakamura. This Episode was very emotional and filled with intense inner conflict. Here Hiyori needs to deal with the problems of her best friend.

 Heroines Run the Show: Episode 12

Episode 11 ended up with a bitter fist fight between Hiyori and Chizuru. In the fight Chizuru punched Hiyori. In all these, She got knocked out and became unconscious. When Hiyori wakes up in the hospital she notices Chizuru beside her. Chizuru was sleeping beside her holding her hand. Meanwhile, Yuujirou and Aizou are also present there.

Heroines Run The Show: The Unpopular Girl And The Secret Task Episode 12 is Releasing Soon!

The situation makes her jostle in confusion. But, she is glad to see Chizuru beside her. Episode 12 is titled “Passion is Unbeatable”. This Episode will focus more on the emotional conflict between Chizuru and Hiyori. As she now has realized what her obsession with Idols made her do. Chizuru is more likely to distance herself from Hiyori and Juri. She thinks this might help her to prevent other conflicts. But both Hiyori and Juri know that Chizuru is a good person. So, they want to stick by them.


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