Haikyu!! To The Top Anime Gives Out New Looks!!

Haikyu!! To The Top has released a visual of the fourth season of its anime on its website. This anime has come out on January 10. Also, It premiered in Japan. The series will air on the television starting from January till April 3rd.

After 3rd April, Haikyu!! To The Top is going to continue with a second course. The second course means a quarter of a year. It is going to come out in 2020.  Furthermore, The total number of episodes inside it is 25.  Crunchyroll is the streaming medium used. Hence, It will keep on streaming the anime as it is aired in japan in a continuous way. 

Haikyu!! To The Top

The title of the opening song of Haikyu!! To The Top is “PHOENIX.” Burnout Syndromes is going to compose and perform the song. In addition to that, CHICO with HoneyWorks is writing and performing the ending song, “Kessen Spirit (Spirit of Decisive Battle).”  Both Burnout Syndromes and CHICO with HoneyWorks are popular Japanese bands. 

Haikyu!! To The Top

Haikyu!! To The Top is a very popular anime. Hence, The series is a Japanese shōnen manga series. The creator and illustrator of Haikyu!! are Haruichi Furudate. In addition to this, it is highly appreciated throughout the world. Hence, this manga has won the award 61st Shogakukan Manga Award in the category of best shōnen manga in the year 2016.


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