Haikyu!! To The Top Part 2 Reveals Release Date and Two Promotional Trailers

Haikyu!! To The Top part two one of the much-awaited anime series. Its been quite a few months since we all are waiting for its release. Due to the ongoing pandemic outbreak, the production of the anime was stopped. Its been almost three since part 1 of the anime came to an end. And we all were curious about part two as there were no official updates regarding that.

But now finally things are falling back into their places. After making us wait for this long, finally, the production unit is starting to spill beans. Recently, the official Twitter account of Haikyu!! made some significant revelations about To The Top part 2.

Let’s find more about these revelations in this article below.

Haikyu!! To The Top Second Half Release Updates:

The ending of Haikyu!! To The Top part 1 left us all on a cliffhanger. Since its finish in April, we all have been anticipating the arrival of part 2. But until now there was no official information about the same. But finally, it seems like the production unit is ready to make some significant revelations.

On Sunday last week, the creators took to the official Twitter account of Haikyuu!! anime to spill beans on its release.

As per the announcement made on Twitter, the second half of the anime Haikyu!! To The Top, i.e., season 4 will finally make its release on OCTOBER 3 at 2:25 am. The release of the anime will take place in “Animeism” programming block on MBSTBS, and BS-TBS.

Along with this, the twitter post also released details about the opening theme song of part 2.

SUPER BEAVER will be carrying out the opening theme song “Toppakō” (Breach). Whereas the ending theme song “One Day” will be carried out by SPYAIR. 

Promotional Videos Released:

Along with news regarding the revelation of the release for Haikyu!! To The Top part 2. The official twitter also additionally shared two promotional videos for the upcoming anime.

The first video is the opening theme for part 2. Meanwhile, the second one is the ending theme.

The second half of the anime Haikyu!! To The Top will consist of a total of 12 episodes. The episode numbering will start from 14 and will go on till 25.

Initially, the release was about to take place in July, two months of completion of part 1. But it got was delayed due to the new coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

The first half of To The Top streamed back from January 10 till April 3, consisting of a total of 13 episodes. The whole anime series of Haikyu!! is available on Crunchyroll.


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