Haikyu! To the Top Part 2: [RELEASED] makers planning for another new season

Summers are for spending time playing games outdoors. And when we talk about outdoor games, playing volleyball in summer evenings comes to our mind for sure. Volleyball is one such sport we all loving playing in the evenings and specifically on the beachside. But due to the ongoing corona outbreak, we all are missing going and playing out. But to keep us entertained despite the lockdown, Haikyu! is planning to renew the anime for a new season. It is a piece of good news for us all, as for now, we can at least enjoying volleyball by watching.

Haikyu! is an anime adaptation of the Japanese shonen manga of the same name, “Haikyu!” It is one of the most popular anime. Even the manga series of Haikyu! won the 61st Shogakukan Manga Award. The anime went trending immediately after it’s release because of its fantastic storyline and got us all hooked into it since the first episode.

Catch all the latest updates of Haikyu!’s upcoming new season in this post.

Nekoma VolleyBall Team

Haikyu! Season 5: Expected Plot

Haikyu! is an anime that tells the story of a high school volleyball player called Shoyo Hinata. Till the previous seasons, we saw the struggles of Karasuno how he was going to face the opponent team and his efforts to get an entry into the tournament. We Shoyo Hinata emerging as one of the best Volleyball players in the previous season.

We can expect Haikyu! season 5’s story to catch up from where it was left in the previous season. In season 5, we might see some terrific fights and tournaments. Hopefully, the makers will not let us down. We might see more of sports and activities in the upcoming season of Haikyu!.

Some of the vital points of Season 5 that we can expect to see are, exposing Hinata’s streaks’ aggravation. As we know that Tsukishima is Hinata’s replacement, this means Karasuno’s pride is to be compromised with the choices of Kageyama and Tsukishima. A significant part of the story will also showcase Hinata and his jealousness how he is going to face the fact of Kageyama growing and being accepted by the clinic camp. It will be fascinating to witness the events that are going to occur in Miyagi Training Camp in the upcoming season.


When will Haikyu! Season 5 release? 

The second part of the fourth season or the fifth season, as per Netflix is currently being delayed. The second part of season 4 was about to release in July 2020, but it seems like the current situation is making it hard to do so. As of now, the only first two seasons are available for the viewers of the UK and US, and the remaining two seasons will be released soon by Netflix. So we can see some delays in the release of season 5 of Haikyu!. But to our relief, the makers are already busy with the preparations of Haikyu! fifth season or sixth as per Netflix.

Cast List For Season 5:

The casts list for season 5 will be almost the same as it was for the previous seasons. The primary cast will include:

  • Shoyo Hinata 
  • Tobio Kageyama
  • Daichi Sawamura
  • Tsukishima Kei

Trailer and Premiere:

Haikyu! is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Netflix as well.

Till the time we get any official updates, stay tuned!