Gunjō no Fanfare A Horse Riding Paradise Coming Soon!

The sub-genre of sports has become one of the most popular sub-genre in the shounen category. When we look at the popularity of animes like Slam Dunk, Haikyuu and how can we possibly forget one of the best sports anime ever, Diamond no ace, it becomes pretty clear as to why these stories are soo critically acclaimed, to the point that even the fans who didn’t like sports as much would end up falling head over heels for these animes because of their engaging storylines, the character design and undoubtedly the plot. For me personally sports category is one of my favorites, especially after watching Diamond No Ace. Therefore, we are beyond elated to announce that another one of these amazing sports anime is coming pretty soon called Gunjō no Fanfare.

The story of Gunjō no Fanfare takes place at a horse racing academy training young boys to pursue their dreams to become professionally trained jockeys. A sport that requires a lot of precision, hard work, and a sense of attachment and love for nature and, ofcourse, their partner horses! However, the academy isn’t an ordinary academy. The three-year course requires the students to be incredibly competitive with each other and tests the students in every possible way – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the academy is responsible for the training of the finest jockeys ever seen around the world.


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The plot of the show will revolve around three 15-year-old high schoolers, the former idol Yū Arimura who fell in love with horse racing after seeing it personally, Shun Kanami, who has only heard about the sport through radio and wants to experience it himself, and last but not the least Amane, son of a former jockey himself and the heir of a proficient family from England. The entire series will revolve around the struggle of these three young boys trying to enter the academy and pursuing their dreams to become one of the best jockeys that the world has ever seen.

Therefore, we are glad to tell our readers eagerly waiting for the show that their wait is now finally over. The show’s creators took to social media and recently announced to their fans that season 1 of Gunjō no Fanfare would get released in the spring of 2022! Therefore, make sure to keep your Crunchyroll subscriptions lined up and also make sure to check out their new trailer, the link to which is attached below.