Godzilla: Singular Point Episode 3 Release Date and Preview

Godzilla is a household name for many sci-fi fans. Referring to a mythical monster, the name Godzilla has been in the spotlight for a while. From Hollywood movies to computer animations, Godzilla has it all. With Godzilla: Singular Point’s release, fans get a chance to witness the anime industry’s take on the subject. Godzilla: Singular point episode 3 will be out soon, and viewers can’t wait to see what becomes of this monster’s tale.

Godzilla: Singular Point Episode 3 Release Date

The third episode of the series will be out on 8 April 2021 and available on Netflix. The series debuted on 25 March on Netflix in Japan. By 1 April, it was available on other channels such as Tokyo MX. Godzilla: Singular Point is licensed by Netflix and jointly produced by Studio Bones and Studio Orange. Recently they dropped the preview for the third episode. You can watch it here: 


Godzilla: Singular Point Storyline

Directed by Atsushi Takashi and written by Toh Enjoe, Godzilla: Singular Point is an action-cum-thriller anime series. The series, set in 2030, depicts that the world is in imminent danger of a Godzilla attack. In the series, it is said that some time ago, Godzilla appeared from the sea. When the inhabitants of Odo island become the first to know about this, they try to keep the disaster at bay by offering young girls sacrifices to the monster. Later, an Oxygen destroyer bomb kills the monster.

Years later, the threat returns, and the series protagonist, Mei, and Yun, try to fight it. Mei Kamino is a brilliant researcher and loves thinking about mythical creatures such as Godzilla. Yun Arikawa, on the other hand, is an engineer. Together, they try to save the world from the threat of Godzilla.

Earlier on Episode 1 and 2

Yun and Haberu discover a strange signal on their radar in earlier episodes and conclude that they should investigate. Accidentally, Yun ends up in a no-entry zone. Mei, who discovered peculiar music which keeps on playing, calls them to inquire about the signals, and Yun picks up. However, before Yun could say much, the call gets disconnected as the police arrest him. Fortunately, Goro arrives on the scene and saves Yun while losing his temper on the police for containing one of his employees.

Characters from Godzilla: Singular Point(Image: Twitter)

Later, Yun, Haberu, and Goro discuss the strange signals, while in another scene, Mei finds out that Yun was the one she talked to earlier. Through Haberu, Mei later learns that Yun and Mei went to the same school!

Suddenly a kaiju attacks putting Goro and Yun in danger. Goro saves the day (at least for now) by dragging them towards the Jett Jaguar- a machine built to fight the kaiju(Fun fact: It looks like Mechagodzilla from the 1974 movie). They engage in a head-on battle with the kaiju. What will happen? Will Goro and Yun survive? Find out in the next episode.

Godzilla: Singular Point is fresh series on a well-known concept. Fans are thrilled about how the series will progress and whether it will add anything new to the Godzilla legend. For more anime news, be sure to check out the articles here!

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