God Of High School Episode 10: A Fight With Jeju’s Team.

The God of high school anime season has aired many episodes. Day passes by, and the episodes get nicer. If one likes to watch more drama, then this is the must-watch series. The anime provides action drama thrill every time as the season might end soon. A lot of action is on the way. The frequent viewers of the anime are eager to know the updates about the upcoming episode. So, let us dig deep and learn about the release date of the forthcoming God Of High School Episode 10. Also, know what happened in the last episode.

How will the fight continue between Mori, Mira, and Dawei against Jeju’s team? Let us have a quick review.

Release date of God Of High School Episode 10

The previous episode of the anime series God Of High School released on August 31, 2020. The episodes releases every week on Mondays. Moreover, the airing of the episodes takes place at 11:30 PM as per Japan Standard Time.

The upcoming God Of High School Episode 10 will release on September 7, 2020. Do not forget to stream the episode.

God Of High School Episode 10
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Recap of episode 9 – Cursed Or Cornered

Mori got a flashback from childhood. He remembered begging to his grandfather to stay with him. However, his grandfather denied. He told Mori that if he remains there, villains will come finding him. Due to that, Mori’s life would be endangered. So, he left. Grandfather’s advice was that Mori must make more friends. Jin Taejin Mori’s grandfather stays in the mountains and fights the villains.

Meanwhile, one day Mori receives his grandfathers photo in the custody of villains. So, Mori immediately went to save Jin.

Dawei did not find Mori. All are worried about what will happen if he does not arrive. As Mori was the part of the team battle, he needed to be present. However, authority asked both of them to go in the ring, or they might lose the game. Therefore they decided to fight and win to reach the next stage. They might have lost the only chance. However, Mori arrived just in time.

He found his grandfather. The building exploded, and Mori became unconscious. In time Mira managed to win the match and Mori came back. We do not know what might happen next. Will Mori die saving his grandfather? Or villains might bribe Mori to join them! Don’t forget to watch the upcoming episode on September 7, 2020.



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