Gibiate Episode 8 Release Date And Much More

The Crunchyroll originals GIBIATE premiered this year on July 15. Yoshitaka Amano produces the anime tv series. Moreover, Masahiko Komino directs the series. Ryo Aoki gives the storyline of the anime series. Ryo Aoki writes the anime. As the real world is facing the coronavirus pandemic, this anime series has something connected to it. Till now a total of seven episodes have aired on Crunchyroll. Let us dig deeper into the plot details, characters, and much more. Also, know the release date of the upcoming Gibiate Episode 8.

Soon, the anime series will conclude. If you haven’t started watching, do it right now.

Release Date of Gibiate Episode 8

The previous episode of Gibiate aired on August 26, 2020. The new episodes of the anime releases on Wednesday every week. The airing time is 10:00 PM (Japan Standard Time). However, on Simkl the episode will air on 9:00 AM on the same date. Note that the airing time of the anime varies according to the region. So, have a look at that to reduce the confusion.

The upcoming Gibiate Episode 8 will release on September 2, 2020. Moreover, the episodes titled ‘Letter of Farewell.’

Gibiate Episode 8
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Previously on episode 7

The monsters attacked everyone. At the right time, Hatonami Ayama appears and saves Kathleen. Meanwhile, Ayama is recording a video. She confess something about her parents. She has a Japenese father and a Chinese mother.

Moreover, her parents stayed apart when she was a child. However, they did not have a divorce. Her mother used to work as a cook at a restaurant. There she learned a skill of Chinese martial arts. Her father was a born Yakuza. Therefore, he wanted to be a cop. Her father died in a war against Gibia. So, Kathleen is determined to find a cure for such a virus.

The thugs chased Kathleen and her crew members. Meanwhile, they encountered a Meteora. All of them were determined to defeat the monster. And, they did it. However, Kathleen’s mother got infected at the same time with Gibia (a virus).

How will Kathleen succeed in curing the illness? Will she suffer from this virus!? What will happen next!? Watch the upcoming episodes for more information.

Where to watch?

The episodes of the anime are available on the following platforms:

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