Ganbare Douki-Chan Filled With Heartbreaks And Love Rivals Releasing Soon!

Crushes are developed in an instant but last for a very long time, and when they happen, they’re the most exciting emotion ever! However, things can get a lot more complicated when our simple crush turns into something else. This is the exact premise that a new upcoming rom-com anime Ganbare Douki-chan is all about! The manga readers of the story must be absolutely elated because this is something that they had been waiting for a very long time. The cute but simple story with a good voice acting cast and animation is what any good rom-com anime needs; now throw in some rivals, and you’ve got yourself a blockbuster!

The story of Ganbare Douki-chan revolves around the complicated office life of Douki-chan, a young woman head over heels for her co-worker. However, having many self-confidence issues and being scared to express her own feelings, Douki-chan just can’t get the courage to be upfront and confess. This, however, isn’t the end of her woes as she ends up fighting for attention with her office kouhai and senpai also going after the same man! Will Douki-chan be able to succeed? Or will she take this as a lesson and move on? All we can say to her is Ganmbare Douki-chan!



As simple as the plot of the series might sound, the Mangaka Yomu is truly a genius writer for making such a simple story so damn complicated and interesting! With things never turning out the way they are supposed to and an office place turning into a love arena, the hilarious and cute story of Ganbare Douki-chan is surely going to leave you hooked till the end.

Therefore, seeing the story’s success with the audience, the creators of the manga decided to give the story its own anime adaptation, and we are glad to tell you that season 1 of Ganbare Douki-chan is all set to premiere on the 20th of September 2021. However, you are in for a surprise because wait till you see Douki-chan’s cushes face. Spoiler alert! You don’t, that’s right for some reason or another; Mangaka Yomu has kept the face of Douki-chan’s crush a secret and is mostly shown faceless. The guy who almost half the women of the office are into has no face! I guess this is just another point that makes the story even more alluring. Therefore, to our readers, do not miss out on this roller coaster ride coming out this September.

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