Gabriel Dropout Season 2 Confirmed : Release, Where To Watch, Everything You Need To Know

Are you a fan of high school comedy? Then the show Gabriel Dropout is just the thing for you. A cliché high school fun with a twist of supernatural things in it is what you can count on from the script. Season one of the show left a mark on the hearts of the anime fans, and since then, the wait for a sequel is demanded by the audience. If you are amongst the one who eagerly awaits Gabriel Dropout Season 2, you guys have occupied the right chair. Tighten your seatbelts; we are here to disclose everything a true fan of the show needs to know.

What Happened In Gabriel Dropout Season 1

Gabriel Dropout
Gabriel playing the video game
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Yearly the gates of heaven are opened, and an angel is selected to go to the human world. Coexisting with humans will help the angels get a proper insight into the human world. This will, in turn, promote them to be full-fledged angels.

This year Gabriel White Tenma is amongst the privileged ones to go through the process. She is very focused on being a great angel someday and works to better humanity. But being new to this world, she gets easily distracted by her new passion for video games. Long before she could figure it out, she starts giving her maximum time to video games. Gabriel has adjusted so into the human one that it’ll be challenging for her to go back to her real life.

The fact that Gabriel is changed inflames her old friends, and they try every possible thing they could to make her realize about her old self. But every attempt went unsuccessful. As they get along with life on Earth, they encounter other fallen angels and some weird humans on their way. The show is based on the humorous situations and problems they confront midways through the journey. The show spins around its four main characters and their respective journey of life.

Gabriel Dropout Season 2 Premiere Date and Trailer

The main purpose of the anime was to popularize the manga version of it. Undoubtedly the anime was able to make its name on the internet. Considering it as an adaptation of a manga, the show makers need a lot to make if they want season 2. At least 2 more volumes of the manga version are required to create the whole season. So we can look upon the silver lining in the cloud and keep our fingers crossed, hoping for season 2 to land up soon.

As for the moment, there is no official trailer for season 2 yet. Till the time, no official news is out for the trailer or spoiler. Fans can enjoy the prequel’s trailer.

Where To Watch Gabriel Dropout Online

the anime series is available on well-known platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation with English and The Japanese version of it

Final Words

Gabriel Dropout Season 1
Gabriel in school

To summarize, Gabriel Dropout is worth a shot for every anime lover out there. The storyline is very apposite and bins the viewers to the show. 12 episodes combine different stories well and give a good laugh to watching it. If you are also a fan of light-hearted comedy, Gabriel shot should be next on your watchlist.