Fugou Keiji: Balance:UNLIMITED: Is Episode 3 Delayed?

Fugou Keiji: Balance: UNLIMITED has been postponed or say delayed because of COVID-19.  According to the officials, it will begin broadcast soon. The anime will start it from episode 1 on 16th July 2020.  Reportedly, the chapter 3 will air on 30th July. This information is from the official sites. You can rely on it entirely. The page is going to provide you the current situation of the anime and more details; Please stick to the page for more information.

Fagou Kenji is an anime based on Daisuke Kanbe. It is a story of a detective with extraordinary assets. The Modern Crime Prevention Headquarters, has assigned him for the work.  It is generally a place where only those who are sent who caused problems for the Metropolitan Police Department. In this anime, Daisuke is a partner of Haru Katou.  But Haru is often offended by Daisuke’s tangible ways. He believes that money isn’t everything.  So at one word, this anime is all about Challenging mysteries unfold in front of the two detectives. But solve all they must work together.

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Release Date: Fugou Keiji: Balance:UNLIMITED: Episode 3

As said earlier in the first line, the third episode is going to release on 30th July,2020. the pandemic has caused much damage in the entertainment sector all over the world. Now it is the time to restore it. Thus, all the areas are here to work and give it a smooth run.

The second Episode: Recap

The second episode is all about, ‘Love can do a lot, money can do everything.’ Upon further investigation, they came to know that there is a big story behind Isezaki’s drugs, The notorious Gondawara Gumi crime group covered by  Umezu also has a connection to it. Kato realizes Isezaki’s girlfriend is Kanbe’s sister and the undercover agent. So he chooses to infiltrate it. Thus, somehow he manages to steal Umezu’s cellphone.

This makes the entire gang arrested for their horrendous crimes and murdering Akiko. Fans are going to see a little bit of a meeting between Kanbe and Kato. The episode ends with Kato heading off to Hong Kong with Kanbe. They would be there may be to attend a conference on international crime.


Some Spoilers!!

Episode 3 will support the two on their trip to Hong Kong. We also expect to see more battles between the duo regarding Kato’s fear. That’s for now. Hope to see you on next!

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