Food Wars Finale: Blue Tournament Reach It’s Climax

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma primarily a manga series by writer Yuto Tsukuda. Yuto also contributes in providing the recipes in the series. Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine did the serialization of the manga. From the year 2014 the serialization begun. After years the manga ended last year in 2019. Moreover, the Viz Media published the volumes digitally. If you have not read the chapters, you can read them now. A total of five anime adaptions of the manga are made. The final season ended this month. Food Wars Finale has a lot to reveal about. Know more about the anime in this article.

Season five ended with its 13th episode aired on September 25, 2020. Overall the anime has been modified continuously. And this has made the anime more worthy of watching. Let us dig deeper.

About Food Wars Finale

As the anime ended, the climax needed to be happy. The Blue tournament among the competitors ended. Did the game gave us the best chef? Let’s see.

Food Wars! Finale
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The series is set at the Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute where few students graduate every year. The institute has one council. Only the top chef students get to be part of it. Moreover, The exciting part comes where students can announce a food war. This war can take place between the students of their line or from different alumni. The finale episode had the story from the manga and other elements apart from that.

Some of the fans did not like the way the series ended. It seemed like the anime rushed. Well, the creators might have wanted to fix everything in this episode as the anime was ending!

The review says that an OVA adaption is needed to give a good ending. Let us hope for creators and producers to come up with something like this.

Also, fans are expecting marriage of Soma and Erina. However, it seemed that it was an ending in a hurry. Some of the fans want another ending/ remake: God, a lot to take in the right! Let us hope that creators would give us a surprise which can make us all super happy.

At last, a good thing happened that Nakiri family won. God heard our prayers. Lol.

Where to watch the episodes?

One can stream the anime series on different platforms. Some of them includes:

    • Crunchyroll
    • Adult Swim’s Toonami
    • Anime Network
    • Animax
    • Tokyo MX

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