Fire Force Season 2 Episode 9: Fight Between Shinra And Tempe

Many of them did not like the previous season of the Fire Force much. However, the sequel of the anime has a better storyline and animation. The second series started with the introduction. Then after more drama and spice were added, episode after episode. The adventures of the Company 8 members have spiced a bit. What happened in the previous episode? Let us find out. Meanwhile, find out the release date and more about Fire Force Season 2 Episode 9.

Release Date of Fire Force Season 2 Episode 9

The previous episode of the anime series aired on August 22, 2020. Newest episodes of the Fire Force releases on Saturday every week. Moreover, the airing time of the episodes is 1:55 AM (Japan Standard Time).

The upcoming Fire Force Season 2 Episode 9 will air on August 29, 2020. Note that the airing time of the episode differs as per your region—also, the platforms which has the episodes as per the schedule on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 9
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Recap of episode 8

A Tabernacle got abandoned one day. A lone traveler crossing from oasis repaired the Tabernacle. The after Tabernacle, an animal alive is kept alive. Moreover, Scop believes that the rescuer will come back one day. Therefore, they were taking the utmost care of the Tabernacle. A voice came from the forest. It was telling Shinra to protect the wood.

Shinra thinks that the forest belongs to the benefactor. Moreover, Shinra was concerned about the Tabernacle. He told his crew to check on Tabernacle. In a meanwhile, the Infernals appears. In a fight, Infernals charge towards Company 8. Due to that, Litch falls into a trap. He is about to die there. However, Shinra flies with the help of Adola bursts and saves Litch.

Moreover, guard monsters and Infernals appear in huge numbers. To oppose them, Ogni starts firing arrows. He asks Tamaki to perform the prayer. Then they destroy the infernals. Pan, while fighting with the secondary boss of the Infernals, told him that an animal would destroy the world. That animal is Tabernacle.

They will need an Amaterasu. Arthur told about Amaterasu in Tokyo. Tempe is the main boss of Infernals. He orders his team to kill any human who interferes with their plan. After defeating the Infernals, They attacked the Team 8 again. After that Shinra gained more power. What happens next? WIll tame eight be able to defeat the Infernal?

Look at the next episode for more stories.

Have a look at the preview of episode 9:

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