Fire Force Episode 28: Major Updates

Fire Force Episode 28 delivers the story after the great disaster. Many years ago, the Great tragedy took place when the planet became a terrible place. The survivors from the catastrophe took refuge in Tokyo. The Tokyo emperors brought agency and army together to built the Fire Force.

The Fire Force is a splendid force where humans are spontaneously combusting. They then become “infernals,” the entity that can only be destroyed by combining weapons and chants.

Fire Force Episode 28 Plot

Shinra, the hero, is a third-gen pyrokinetic youth. He can ignite his feet whenever he decides to, and so he is referred by an alias name “Devil’s footprint.” Years ago, Shinra joined a Special Fire Force Company 8. He got inspired to join the force because years ago, in a fire, his mother got killed. Moreover, his brother got abducted. He then decided to become a hero who can save lives.

Fire Force Episode 28
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Shinra possesses tremendous powers, yet he has to learn how to use his tricks and have control over the amount of energy he uses.

After the intense intro of Inca in the episode, Shinra and Charon set off over Inca. The plot is not much catchy and is less compelling. The Fire Force episode 28 comprises of the scenes we have already seen in the season 2 premiere video.

What to expect from Fire Force Episode 28?

Although the episode contains scenes from the trailer, there are some punch lines which you may like. The event is named as “Grouping through the fire.” The fight between Charon and Shinra is an epic scene. A badass scene to be actual. Moreover, the animation gains its weight, and the camera works seem good. The one cut that shows Shinra and Charon beating each other relentlessly through the whole building. In conclusion, the scene left the impact for sure in terms of animation and story.


Fire Force Episode 28 is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation. The anime isn’t that appealing to the viewers; however, some scenes leave its impact. The broadcast of the series stopped in between in 2019. The second part premiered from July 2020.


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