English Dub My Teen Romantic Comedy Season 3 Out!

My Teen Romantic Comedy third season has debuted in Japan since July 3, this year. The season has reached halfway in Japanese. Moreover, the series is twelve episodes long. One can be sure of how the anime improved till now. So, there is a piece of great news for My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU lovers. The English dubbed version of the anime series is coming soon! Although the Japanese version is still ongoing. Hang in there mates, My Teen Romantic Comedy Season 3 English dub on the way. Let us find out more about the third season of the anime.

Moreover, the article contains the plot details and release date.

When will the English dubbed version of My Teen Romantic Comedy Season 3 release?

Everyone knows that the Japanese version of the anime has already started airing. Also, it has crossed airing over half the episodes. The Japanese series is going to end sooner.

Moreover, Sentai Filmworks has announced something officially. The English dubbed season 3 will be releasing soon. The season is set for release on August 20, 2020. Moreover, the English dub series will air at 5:00 PM (UTC).

Yay! Fans, it is time to roll on. You must start watching your favorite anime in English now!

My Teen Romantic Comedy Season 3
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Plot details

The storyline revolves around the main character Hikigaya Hachiman. He is an introvert. Not to forget, no one stays around him. He can be found alone every time. The school has a student club. His teacher forces him to be a part of being a member of this club. The other club members are Yukino Yukinoshita, Yu Yuigahama, etc. Yukino is a beautiful girl.

The student club is set to solve the issues. There is always sarcasm and wittiness between Hachiman and Yukino. One day club members decided to organize a prom night. They need to have the permission of the teacher and others for the same. What happens then? Will Hachiman and Yukino fall in love ahead?

Find out more as the episodes come out.

Moreover, the opening and ending songs are worth hearing. The theme song and soundtrack are in phase. As all know, the My Teen Romantic Comedy Season 3 will contain twelve episodes. Get ready for some fun!


Where can you watch the English dub?

You may stream the English dubbed episodes on the below-mentioned platform:

Moreover, the running series also streams on VRV and Crunchyroll. However, we are not sure about the English version.

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