Edens Zero Episode 7: Release, Watch Online and News!

Edens Zero is a new entry into the anime industry. A freshly baked series from the sci-fi genre, it is a shonen series. The show is becoming more popular day by day. Now soon, Edens Zero episode 7 will be out. So far, we don’t know much about the upcoming episode. However, read on to find fresh news about the show’s latest episode.

Edens Zero Episode 7 Release Date

The anime started airing in April 2021, a year after the announcement. Series Creator Hiro Mashima announced an anime adaptation for the anime in 2020. The last episode for the series aired on 16 May. According to the weekly release of new episodes, episode 7 will be out on 23 May at 12:55 AM JST. As of now, we are not aware of any changes to this routine.

Shiki in action in the anime ‘Edens Zero.’

Where To Watch Edens Zero Episode 7?

Made under the banner of J.C Staff, the anime is licensed by Netflix. In Japan, the show is aired by Nippon TV. Hence, apart from Netflix, there is no way to watch the show. Crunchyroll, Funimation or any other big names from the anime streaming industry have no access to the show so far. Legally, the anime is very difficult to stream, and it remains a Netflix exclusive as of now.

What is Edens Zero all About?

Written by Hiro Mashima, it is originally a shonen manga published in the Weekly Shonen Jump. Later, owing to its fame, the manga was adapted into an anime. The story occurs in an alternate universe inhabited by aliens, robots and humans.

This world is divided into smaller units called “Cosmos,” such as Sakura Cosmos. Shiki has spent all his life in an abandoned amusement park in the Granbell kingdom. Being the only one of his kind around, Shiki is very socially awkward. One day, he meets Rebecca Bluegarden and her feline friend Happy, who are there to make videos for their channel.

When Granbell becomes dangerous, the three roam the Sakura cosmos to make entertaining videos. Together, they decide to find the goddess Mother on their quest. Shiki, motivated by his desire to make friends, goes on this tipsy yet amazing journey.


Edens Zero episode 7 comes out soon, and we are excited. This amazing sci-fi series has got gripping scenes and a catchy storyline, and we are hooked. Stay tuned for more news about Edens Zero!