Edens Zero Episode 6: Release Date And Time, Countdown, And Where To Watch In English Sub/Dub Online

In the previous episodes of Edens zero, we see our main characters having a really tough  time! In search of the Mother, Shiki, Rebecca, and Happy travel to the planet Norma to acquire a spaceship befitting the journey. The party decides to travel to professor Weisz’s house, who is also the one who cured Happy in that past and the maker of Rebecca’s current spaceship.

However, their plans are immediately squashed. Upon entering Dr. Weisz’s house, the crew discovers another man calling himself by the same name, holding them at gunpoint. At the same time, Weisz’s base is invaded by the bandits of Sibir. As Rebecca and Shiki try to get out of the scuffle, they are mistaken as Dr. weisz’s allies and automatically become the target. The party, however, soon realizes that things aren’t right. Much to their dismay, they discover that somehow they’ve traveled back in time by over 50 years, and their actions might alter the future. However, they soon find out that the past has already been meddled with.

Episode 5
Image: Netflix

Shiki and Rebecca explain the situation to the professor, who agrees to believe them. Shiki, in return, saves Pino from Sibir’s men, and the professor takes her and happy away on his bike. However, Shiki is presumed dead, and Rebecca is now forced to fend for herself against Sibir’s brothers. But in the nick of time, Shiki manages to evade Sibir’s attack and save Rebecca. Being raised by machines himself, Shiki is absolutely horrified by Sibir’s treatment of other robots. Therefore, he decides to chase him and defeats Sibir and his brothers once and for all.

Edens Zero Episode 6 Release Date And Time

Pino being saved by professor Weisz and Shiki
Image: Netflix

Episode 6 of Edens Zero, titled “The Skull Fairy,” is all set to get released on Sunday, 16th of May 2021.  The timing of the episode hasn’t been released yet, but the release date is definitely confirmed. Fans are, however, advised to cross-check the release date with their content providers. Make sure to check out the preview of the new episode and keep on following our post for the latest updates on Edens zero.

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Where To Watch Episode 6 In English Sub/Dub Online

Fans can watch the latest episode of Edens zero in English sub and dub online on official websites like Crunchyroll, Viz-media, and Funimation. However, fans do need to remember that all of these sites run on a subscription basis. Buying a subscription benefits us and goes to the content creator, and helps the anime community in general. That is why fans are sincerely advised to buy a subscription to watch their latest anime add free and on japan timings!