Eden’s Zero Episode 4: Release Date And Time, Countdown, Watch In English Sub/Dub Online

If you are a lover of science, fiction, and fantasy, then Eden’s Zero is a show that you are absolutely going to love. The Japanese manga is written and illustrated by the talented Hiro Mashima, who shaped such a complicated and intricate universe and made the story into a delightful watch. The manga recently got its very own anime Tv series. With three of its episodes already up and about, fans cannot wait for episode 4. If you are one of Eden’s Zero fans looking to know more about episode 4, then you’ve come to the right place.

A Brief Introduction To The Plot

Shiki Granbell
Image: Crunchyroll

The story of Eden’s Zero takes place in a world where science is everything. Much like the English movie “The Guardians of the Galaxy,” in which different worlds are connected in different cosmos. It turns out that the universe is filled with mysterious creatures, dragons, robots, and Humans! All the vast technology of the humans that has launched numerous robots in space runs on a magical power called ether. Many humans have the power to directly harness the power of ether in their bodies through ether gear.

Shiki and Rebecca bluegarden
Image: Crunchyroll

The story revolves around the life of Shiki Granbell. Shiki, a skilled ether gear user, lives on the planet of robots named “Granbell”. Like the normal theme park, Granbell can be said to be a universal theme park abandoned a long time ago. One day, the park is visited by two B-cubers (similar to YouTubers) named Rebecca  Bluegarden and her robotic cat Happy.

The two visitors befriend Shiki and decide to explore the vastness of the cosmos on Shiki’s spaceship called Eden’s Zero. The three friends set out on a journey to find the Mother, the one who grants all the wishes. This is the story of Shiki and his space adventure!

Eden’s Zero Episode 4 Release Date And Time

Eden’s Zero poster
Image: Kodansha

Fans will be delighted to know that Episode 4, titled “A Man Named Weisz,” is all set to be released on the 2nd of May 2021 at 12:55 am (JST) and on 1st of May 2021 at around 8:30 pm (IST) and 8:00 pm (PST). However, the timings of the release may vary with each website.

Where To Watch The Latest Episodes Of The Eden’s Zero Online?

It’s hard to find an add-less website where we can watch all the latest anime on time. That is why we have handpicked some of the top sites for our fans to watch their favorite anime to their heart’s content in English Dub/Sub. Fans can watch the latest episodes of Eden’s Zero on Crunchyroll, Viz Media, or on free websites like 4anime and AniMixPlay Hd. Similarly, fans can also read the manga of Eden’s Garden available on Crunchyroll and Viz Media.

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