Eden Zero Episode 2: Release Date, Countdown, English Dub

he start of April brought around a new anime and we are already getting the release of Eden Zero Episode 2. Eden Zero was one of the most awaited anime’s to be released in 2020, so read on to find out more details about episode 2, where to watch and maybe some spoilers.

Eden Zero Episode 2 Release Date

Episode 2 is scheduled to release on the 18th of April, 2021. It will be released around 12:55am JST. The anime is available to watch on Netflix if you are watching from North America, Mexico, Brazil. However, if you wish to watch the anime in Southasia or SouthEast Asia, the anime will be available on Muse Communication’s Youtube Channel called Muse Asia. The anime is available with Japanese audio and English subtitles. However, English dub version is yet to be released.

Eden Zero
Eden Zero: Shiki and Rebecca

Recap of Episode 1

The series centers around a young boy named Shiki, who stayed in an amusement park and was raised by the mechanical Demon King Ziggy. Ten years later, a content creator by the name of Rebecca visits the park with her cat Happy.

Ziggy had often told Shiki to make friends so following his order he kept trying to talk to Rebecca. Initially, she was uninterested but seeing his friendships with the robots, she warmed up to him. The next morning, some virus was spread among the robots turning them against humans and they tried to attack Shiki and Rebecca.

Shiki uses Ether Gear ability to save him and Rebecca and they fight against the robots. Rebecca accepts Shiki’s friendship and they hop on to Rebecca’s outer space ship called The Aqua Wing. Rebecca reveals to Shiki she is from a different planet.

The robots on Shiki’s planet break down from old age. They had staged the virus as they did not want Shiki to be stuck with them on the planet forever. However, not knowing the fate of the robots, Shiki forgave them and vowed to make more friends for them.

You can watch the trailer for the anime here:

Eden Zero Episode 2 Spoilers

Shiki and Rebecca’s adventures are just starting off and we will see the development of their relationship as it happens. However, no official spoilers have been released for the second episode.

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