Eagle Talon Golden Spell – Cast Of The Anime Revealed

An anime adaption of Eagle Talon will release soon. The series is titled as Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume. The alternate name of the series will be Secret Society Eagle Talon: Golden Spell. A superhero anime loved by many viewers—a flash animation created by Ryo Ono. DLE does the production of the anime series. There are many platforms on which the series will premiere. The storyline of the anime series will come ahead in the article—the first-ever anime series in February 2008. Let us know the release date of the anime series. Moreover, see the plot and characters of the anime series.

The promo video of the anime is also available in the article. The opening song of the anime is Taga Tame ni Chakapoko wa Naru by Necrytalkie. Also, the ending song is Chili Peppers by Eiko+Eriko.

Release date of Eagle Talon Golden Spell

The anime series will release on October 4, 2020. As per the official announcement next month the series is coming out. The previous anime series aired in many years. The first-ever anime premiered in the year 2006—next season of the anime 2009.

After three years the next season came out in 2012. After little time the sequel came in 2013. The last anime series came out in 2014. The announcement was made earlier this month that the new series will come in the next month.

The series will consist of a total of 12 episodes.

Have a look at the promo video of the upcoming series:


Golden spell finally discovered by the Eagle Falcon members. This spell allows to control the will power of humans. Only single word is necessary for that. Meanwhile, the spell gets stolen by somebody! No one knows what has happened. Also, the process of creating the spell has been stolen.

How can they regain the spell? Someone might use this for evil purpose. Moreover, we have to watch that will Eagle Falcon do!


The cast and characters of the anime series includes:

  • Jouji Nakata as Homare Kuroki
  • Chancellor voiced by Frogman
  • Yoshida voiced by Frogman
  • Phillip voiced by Frogman
  • Doctor Leonardo voiced by Frogman
  • Creepy Kid voiced by Frogman
  • Deluxe Fighter voiced by Frogman
Eagle Talon Golden Spell
Source: Official website

Frogman designs the characters of the anime series. Moreover, he directs the script, edits, supervises the anime throughout.

Where to watch?

The anime series will be available on platforms like Crunchyroll, Tokyo MX, BS11, J: COM, CS Family Gekijo and various other platforms. The anime will air in Japan and then in multiple regions.

Watch this video:

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