Duel Masters King : Serena Kōzuki Performs New Ending Theme

Duel Masters is a franchise with manga, numerous anime, a trading card game and several video games. They launched their first anime back in 2002. Duel Masters King was aired on April 4th, 2020. This Wednesday, it was revealed that Serena Kōzuki would be returning for the new ending theme.

Duel Masters King :

Genre :

The Duel Masters is a franchise focussing on its card game. It’s a well know franchise with numerous fans around the world. It’s also famous for its manga and anime simultaneously. The anime is a Fantasy where the world runs through card duels. The anime provides surprising twists. The protagonist is seen in a tense situation when he figures out passive measures to win the games.

Plot :

The anime is the 16th season of Duel Masters. This season is also known as the Ten Kings Arc of Joe’s story. This season follows the story of Duel Masters 2017. The story revolves around Joe Kirifida, the son of the previous protagonist Katta Kirifuda. The anime will be basically based on the concept of time travel.

In the previous season, Joe involves himself in a worldwide tussle of card-game. This was hosted by Abaku Onifuda, who wanted to test Joe and his friends. The reason for this is unknown.

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Joe Kirifida right

Duel Masters King! Serena Kōzuki Return

Serena Kōzuki previously performed the first ending song of the anime. She also made a cameo as a voice actress back in October 2020. She has returned to perform the new ending song titled “Minna to Iru Sekai ” (The World Where I’m With Everybody). The Duel Masters King! staff also revealed that Nightmare would be making the new opening song, “Singers.”

The staff of Duel Masters King would also be returning for the second season. Yumiko Kobayashi will be returning to play Joe Kirifuda, and Setsuji Satoh will be playing Decky. The characters would be designed by Yasuyuki Noda, and the music will be composed by Jun’ichi Igarashi. Yoichi Kato would also be returning to see the over the scripts.

Duel Masters King! would be a sequel to the previous season. An interesting storyline is expected from the franchise.