Drifters Season 2: Release Date And Time, Countdown, Watch English Dub Online

If you liked the movies like, The Narnia, The Lord Of The Rings, or The Harry Potter, basically anything which has magical beasts and terrifying enemies out to destroy the world, then Drifters is a show that you will absolutely love.

Written by Kouta Hirano, Drifters is a story that cannot be categorized into a single genre. With terrifying monsters and magic, and intense fights, Drifters is a show that will keep you on your feet. With over 1.5 million copies sold and a rating of 7.7 from IMDb, it is safe to assume that Drifters is a show worth watching. That is exactly why the fans have been eagerly waiting for the producers to release information on Season 2.

Drifters Season 2 Release Date And What We Know So Far

Drifters Season 1
Image: Funimation

All those who have watched Season 1 of the show know that at the end of the last episode, the producers teased the release of season 2. Of course, without giving any concrete date!

This brings another dilemma that we know it’s going to happen, but we don’t know exactly when it’s going to happen. It has been over 4 years since season 1 of the show came out. However, there has been no official date released by the Hoods Drifters Studio.

So? What should we expect?  This is a question that has been boggling the fans for a long time. A simple answer can be that maybe a Season 2 of Drifters isn’t going to happen. However, 2021 has seen more shows come back than any other year, with shows like Shaman King and Bleach making a big comeback after almost a decade. So, this is just one way of saying that let’s wait and watch!

Fans can watch the latest episodes of Drifters in English Sub/Dub on Crunchyroll and Viz Media.

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The Plot

The show starts with a fierce war taking place somewhere in the world. We see a warrior named Shimazu Toyohisa fighting the battle and mortally injuring the opposition’s general, li Naomasa. However, in the process, Shimazu himself gets badly injured. In an attempt to try and leave the battlefield, Shimazu gets transported into a field of doors.

Shimazu meets the man on the desk waiting for him
Image: Funimation

In the field of doors, he finds a man sitting at a desk, who leads him through the nearest door—the door which leads him into another world.

Upon reaching this “new world,” Shimazu finds other great warriors who have also been spirited away like him. However, this new world is stranger than expected. With dragons, elves, dwarves, and hobbits, it is unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

The black king – one of the lead antagonist of the series and a member of the Ends
Image: Funimation

It turns out that the new world is facing grave danger. The alliance of the humans and magical beasts have waged war against the evil “Ends.” A war which they are losing. “Ends” have only one goal, to take over this world and kill all the Drifters, i.e., warriors from another world. In an attempt to turn the tables against the Ends who have now taken control over the Trolls, Giants, and The Dragons, the “Octoberist Organisation” (A group of powerful magicians) makes a last stand and summons all the great warriors from different worlds to help them fight this deadly battle against The Ends.